I’m still amazed at myself for passing the Healing Silver Proving Grounds, so I thought I’d celebrate by giving Lillycat the “priestly” looking white transmog I’ve been keeping in the bank forever – the Aurora set.

Aurora Set

Aurora Set

No, it’s not a tier set. This is a nice green set with pieces that don’t exactly match but what the heck.

Update:  The mis-matched pieces I have that are called “Aurora” belong better with the Abjurer’s Regalia.  I have just about everything but the pants.  Ugh.  I wish Blizzard would have complete sets for some of these old drops/quest rewards but who knew transmog would be a thing?

I have the “Aurora Armor” so if I ever find the pants I’ll probably go with those even though a robe looks more “official” for a healer.

Staff is what I happened to have that sort of matches but I might look for something that works better.

I also finally found that flipping elusive Mudback Calf for the Draenor Safari Achievement and the Royal Peacock pet reward.

Draenor Safari

Draenor Safari

I also bought myself a Frostwolf Pup from the AH just because it’s so adorable.

I was really wanting to do some more healing but I’m not brave enough to queue for a normal so I ran a bunch of the Holiday Boss trying to get the necklace with spirit on it.

Most of the drops were either tank or agility.  I saw two of the caster necklaces but not one flipping healer necklace I could use for an upgrade.

Oh well.

I can keep on running them until I get one because I need the healing practice anyway.

So…you never know – I might be healing in your Holiday Boss group.

Be afraid…be very afraid…