It’s official – AOL is shutting down WoW Insider Feb 3.  Yes, that fast.  I’m surprised at how sad/mad/upset I am about it.

But I’m going to watch for something perhaps a little more positive on Feb 3.

I have a lot of good things to say about WoW Insider and especially all their staff – thanks for all the years of great information, joy and humor about a game we all love.

You will all be missed.

Oh, and one final thought…


Meanwhile, Back at the Garrison…

Raid Healer for Hire!

Do you need a super-duper-uber-elite Disc Priest to heal your raid?

Then you might want to look somewhere else!

But if you’re tired of boring raids with competent healers keeping everyone alive and you need some excitement and challenge in your game, then read on!

I’ve got two – count them, TWO – Disc Priests who both passed the Healer Silver Proving Grounds!

Yes, it's true!

Yes, it’s true!

I went back to the PG after fixing up a few keybinds, talents, etc. (and reading some Disc Priest guides), ran through Bronze a couple of times for practice then nailed Silver first try!

I was so proud of me I dusted off Bo’s Disc spec and got her Silver PG Healer!

I know, I know…all this means is that I can queue for Heroic Dungeons.

Ironically I can’t even do that with Lilly because she doesn’t meet the ilvl requirement yet.  She was just under 600 when I did the SPG.

I’m not even close to healing a 5-man with “real” people yet.  I’m hoping that I can find some Test Subjects…errr….I mean some Nice Guildies to run a few normals with me so I can practice.

Speaking of practicing, before I went to the SPG I tested out my keybinds/healing on the Healer Dungeoneer’s Training Dummy.

It didn’t end well.

Why do I get the feeling my Healing is going the way of my Tanking?