After my Death Noob Tank’s humiliating defeat to the Dungeoneer’s Tanking Training Dummy, I decided to “park” her for a while and see what other options I have for something to do.

My Warlock and Shadow Priest haven’t got anything “important” at the moment.  I should take them through more Heroic Dungeons and LFR at least but I don’t feel up to long queues and the expected LFR ummm…”intellectual commentary.”

Now with seven level 100s picking flowers, mining, boring daily cool downs and micro-managing followers I’m pretty burned out on the Garrison Mini-Game so back to leveling (another) alt.

I got my Warrior to level 92 despite him dying every 2 seconds.  I was going to try Prot but it’s tough to do without a shield.  I know a few rares that drop shields I can pick up when I actually get him into those zones and assuming he can kill them.

He’s really squishy.  He couldn’t kill the Giant Wasp.  He couldn’t kill the Fungus Guy.  He skips more quests than he actually finishes because I have a “3-try” limit.

Not to mention the incredibly STUPID places Blizzard decided to put their graveyards.

Yes, I die so much I’m sure I’ve “experienced” all of them.

The worst one was the bonus area in Shadowmoon Valley.  You know, the “starter” one in the cave where you gather mushroom juice, rescue some guys and kill the pale things.

It’s worth doing because you get a follower and lots of experience.

Except if you die.

Of course, my Warrior died (got more than 2 mobs on him) and where did he end up?

At a graveyard in the Spires of Arak on the *other* side of the mountains from the Shadowmoon Cave location.

There are two paths from the graveyard and I spent about 15 minutes running down each path with no way out that I could see running as a ghost.   I’m guessing if I kept running for another hour or so I would eventually get back to Shadowmoon Valley but that’s not exactly “entertaining game time.”

I ended up taking rez sickness, went back to my Garrison and logged off.

Sorry Warrior, it just isn’t happening.

But I digress.

The only character I hadn’t looked at for a while was my Panda Healer Priest.

So I dusted her off, did the garrison crap then switched to her healing spec to try for the Healer Proving Grounds.

She’s a Disc Priest because that’s all I know – or at least I thought I knew a little about.

I was wrong.

It took me 3 tries to get Bronze Healer Proving Grounds and by the end of the last wave I barely saved the tank in time and I was completely OOM.

Who'd of thought?

Who’d of thought?

I’m going to try for Silver though (after I do some reading up) because then I can queue her for Heroic Dungeons.

I eventually got Bronze Tanking for my Death Noob so Silver Tanking is another “goal” I have even though I’ll probably never tank anything ever again.

Why?  I have no idea – that’s how desperate I am to get out of the Garrison Mini-Game.