I took my Rogue out for a spin and since I don’t play it very well, I went back to Spires to do the “easy” quests after doing the minimum quests in Nagrand to open the outpost and get my level 3 garrison.

It didn’t take very long to get to level 100, so now I have six of them with nothing to do but garrison “busy” work.

Rogue - #6 Level 100

Rogue – #6 Level 100

Now I can open all those lock boxes I’ve been saving up!

I kind of had an ulterior motive for delaying the “Nagrand Experience” until I was level 100 simply because I’m a very squishy rogue and I get tired of dying every two seconds.

So armed with a Dwarven Bunker for an increased chance at quest reward upgrades and a tanky DK follower, I’m finishing up Nagrand just for gear and gold.

Yeah, I’m so broke it isn’t even funny so I’m hitting all the quests and bonus areas just for gold.

I don’t like Nagrand questing very much but it has one good thing going for it – lots of Ogres to pick pocket.

Although I miss the old pick pocket stuff you used to get, at least I can turn in my crap in exchange for a few hundred gold to the “fencer.”

And let’s face it – playing a sneaky Assassination Rogue is tons of fun.  So much fun I’m going to find out how I’m supposed to play it.

I even had illusions about getting Silver PG and taking her to heroic dungeons.

Yeah, that didn’t go too well.

I can’t get past phase 6 in Silver PG.

I don’t have any problems kiting the amber blobs, or interrupting the heals, or killing the shield guys (LOLShadowstep.)

Where I fail every time is getting the bunnies down fast enough with AoE, and then I’m out of energy to finish stuff off before the timer runs out.

I gave up after a few tries and went back to questing.  Then I noticed I didn’t have Envenom on my bars.

And I forgot poisons again…

So back to the drawing board.  I’ll practice up while questing and give Silver PG another shot.

Yeah, my rogue will never be raid material but I think LFR might be fun.

Anyway, she’s got this awesome transmog – the Cadaver set – you can’t get anymore in leather.

Rogue and "Bankrupt" the Tiny

Rogue and “Bankrupt” the Tiny

Meanwhile, back at my level 91 Warrior’s garrison…

Hearthstone at the Garrison

Hearthstone at the Garrison

Yup – my poor Warrior is going to be stuck there for a while just doing his Blacksmithing cool downs and playing Hearthstone until I figure out how to play Arms or Fury and/or get a second sword.

My Priest finally got enough seeds to purchase the Crazy Carrot pet.

Crazy Carrot

Crazy Carrot

I’ve got six characters picking flowers and mining in their garrisons with no sight of either pet yet.

My rogue’s got mining so even though I don’t need any ore, I’ll go out of my way to get an ore node just in case that stupid Goren spawns and drops the pet.

Or more likely, I better start saving up gold to buy them from AH.