Thanks to my buddy and pet enthusiast (pets > gear) I got my Hatespark the Tiny!

I’m going to name him “Bankrupt” in honor of costing me almost every last copper I had across all my characters on two merged servers.

A shocked guildie asked if Hatespark perhaps had some special abilities or special anything that would justify the outrageous expense to obtain him.

Silly guildie.

It’s a PET – a pet I can no longer get outside of the AH – so of course he’s worth it!

I’m still going to have to keep farming to build up some gold again (Warlock is desperate for an enchant for her weapon) but I’m fine with that because now my cute little “Bankrupt” will be following along cheering me on!

I don’t have any screen shots yet because fancy new computer has some weird PrtScn thing tied to a function key or something and I keep hitting the wrong keys and I don’t know how (or if I can) map it just to one key.

Yes, I’m loving the new computer even though I get a sick feeling every time I look at it because I’m an Idiot.