After suffering through hours of queue time and more hours of wipes/slogging through MC, I never got Hatespark the Tiny.

So…I’ve been scrambling around farming mats and selling everything I can at the AH to raise enough gold to buy one.

On the bright side, I got 4 more Skyshards farming cloth.

On the downside, I estimate I’ll have enough gold to buy a Hatespark by the end of the next millennium.

If I get 6 more Skyshards farming cloth maybe I can “sell” the Alani mount for enough gold to buy a Hatespark.

I actually don’t mind the farming.  It’s a nice break from all the garrison “busy” work that takes up so much time.  I seem to be “busy” with it but it doesn’t feel as if I’m accomplishing anything.

At least with farming I have some cloth and other junk to sell to show for my time.

So far I’ve got my Warlock, Priest, Death Noob, Shaman and Monk at level 100.  That’s five “full” garrisons I’ve got going to cover most of the professions.

I dumped something on my Shaman to pick up Inscription.  My Mage has Inscription but I don’t think I want to level her to 100 for a while and since my Shaman was already 100 she needs something to do.

I’ve been “casually” leveling up my Rogue – got her to level 98 – for Enchanting and lock box picking.

I also started leveling my Warrior and got him the Blacksmith garrison building.  He’s pretty painful to level (worse than the Rogue) so he might be stuck at level 91 for a while until I figure out whether to stay Arms or try Fury.  I don’t know how to play either one.

My healing Priest is still stuck at level 95.  I was just leveling her up for skinning and trapping at the Barn but OMG I hate Trapping.  I’ve got my Monk a barn so she’s been doing the trapping when I can force myself to do it, but trapping on two characters is a no-go.

I really need something else to do since this garrison stuff is getting as entertaining as Archaeology.

Someone in the guild wants to start a raid group so I offered to bring my Death Noob tank and well…you know how that went.  I can’t get past Phase 3 at the Tanking Silver Proving Grounds anyway.

On the I’m an Idiot News…

Well, most of you know my “good” computer bit the dust (total motherboard and hard drive failure…yeah) and I was playing on a crappy old laptop that couldn’t handle more than a 5-man dungeon on “low” settings.

So I took advantage of my “employee discount” and ordered myself a new laptop with all the bells and whistles.  Couldn’t really afford to dish out the money all at once, so I got it on a three-year payment plan with zero interest if I paid it off within the first year.  It was a pretty hefty discount so good deal.

Of course, that was *before* I found out my job was being cut and *after* I could have cancelled the order without penalty.

My new laptop arrived the other day and I had good intentions of just sending it back until I opened the box.

It’s a work of art.  It’s beautiful.  It runs all my stuff like a dream – Lightwave 3D, ZBrush, Photoshop – all the software I have that’s been sitting around because I had nothing to run it on.  I can render 3D animation in seconds instead of days.  I can create stereoscopic photomontage at stunning resolutions.

Heck, with this beauty I could even apply for some art grants and be an artist again.

I can also run WoW on Ultra.  I ran my last MC on Ultra settings just to see what happened and it ran like a dream.

Yeah, I know.  I should send it back.

But you know what?

I think I’m going to keep it.  I’ll figure out a way to pay it off before the end of the year even if it means eating Kraft Dinner for 10 months.

Yeah, I think I deserve something nice for myself – just for once – and yes, I’m an Idiot 😀