I’m short 3 mounts for the 200 “Mount Parade” Achievement that snags you a nice Armored Blue Dragonhawk.

At least, I am in-game.  Armory says I’m short 4 but I’m guessing it hasn’t updated.

I got all the Stable mounts and I even picked up the Swift Breezestrider mount from killing Pathrunner while leveling up yet another alt.

I lucked out on getting two Haala token missions and my followers brought me back enough tokens to get the Dark Riding Talbuk and the Dark War Talbuk.  No PvP required!  Until you go to Haala to buy your mounts and the Horde are there killing all the vendors…

So I was looking at what other mounts I could get – I can make the Tailoring carpet and Leatherworking wolf once I have enough mats so that’s two more.

I also started making the Jard’s Peculiar Energy Source for a Sky Golem.

I’ve made quite a few of these and just sold them.  Never kept one for myself so that would be three.

The other Engineering mounts I have except for the very expensive ones, and I never had the gold to make the Jewelcrafting mounts.

I did however, *finally* get the Vial of the Sands on my Alchemist after about 3 years of looking for it.

I logged over to my DK Alchemist to see what the mats were and the recipe wasn’t there.

I had a moment of panic until I remembered it was my Warlock Alchemist who had the Vial of the Sands.

Yeah, my Warlock.

The one I dumped Alchemy for and picked up Tailoring.

Yes, I’m still an Idiot.