I’ve got the level 3 Fishing Shack for my Priest and Warlock, but I don’t think I want to run two characters all over Draenor to do all the “lunker” fishing.

The only “big” rewards are another strider mount for 100 Nat’s Lucky Coins (got a strider already from the Angler’s rep) and a Shark pet for 50 Nat’s Lucky Coins.

Okay.  It’s a “new” pet and I must have it.

The only other way to get coins is by fishing up a Lunarfall Carp (Frostdeep Minnow for Horde) at your Garrison.

If you catch one of these (rare catch of course) you can “toss” it into the water and a Frostdeep Cavedweller (a.k.a. Murloc) will appear and attack you.

Kill it and it drops a whole bunch of stuff – mostly fishing related as per the usual fishing daily rewards as well as the “new” temporary fishing hats/poles, worm bait, lures, some white items, etc. and it also might toss you a Nat’s Lucky Coin or two.

Most notably, it has a very rare chance to drop the Sea Turtle or the Epic TCG Riding Turtle.

So I took my Warlock fishing at the Garrison for while and managed to fish up two Lunarfall Carp.

I didn’t get anything exciting except a couple of the new temporary fishing hats and 2 Nat’s Lucky Coins.

I decided my Warlock should do the fishing because she’s got nothing else to do and anyway, you never know – she just might fish up that stupid Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat one of these days.

Menagerie x 3

Most of my motivation to only do the Fishing Shack stuff on one character is because I’m currently running 3 Level 3 Menageries.

This gives me 3 chances a day at the new pets that drop from the Big Bag of Pet Supplies and so far I’ve picked up:

2 x Albino Chimaeraling
2 x Weebomination
1 x Spectral Bell
1 x Puddle Terror

Not too bad.  I also probably need more Level 3 Menageries just to keep me supplied with plenty of Pet Charms to purchase stones, supplies, treats, etc.

Yeah, pets are expensive…