“Psssst!  Hey you!”

“Yeah, you!”

“Come over here for a sec.”

“Wanna put a new Large Building on that empty plot?  How about another Profession Building or a Salvage Yard across from your Engineering Building?”

“All you need is a few thousand gold and some resources!  I happen to have some plans right here…”

That’s how it’s been going.

After I wasted a few hours taking care of my “higher level” Garrisons, I wanted to spend a little time questing/skinning with my Priest so my Leatherworker and Tailor had mats to actually do something.

I had posted a whole bunch of ore/herbs on the AH the previous day and nothing sold – nothing – so I’m down to my last 2K gold across all my characters.

I even dragged my Shadow Priest out for the fishing daily and wasted more time running around Gorgrond looking for the “good” fishing spot.

By the time I found it, I was tired of the whole idea of fishing and anyway, I never got any bait so I was getting mostly Crescent fish, so I ditched my plans to fish up 100 for the Achievement, fished up enough for the quest and got the heck out of there.

I even dragged her through some “Bonus” stuff she missed on the way just for the 62 gold.

Yeah, how sad is that when you have to take your level 100 through questing Bonus areas just for a few gold because you’re broke from Garrisons.

I must admit that having 3 level 3 Menageries has paid off in pets.  Yesterday, my Warlock snagged the Ghastly Kid from the pet bag so I’m 2/7.

I logged in with my Skinning Priest, did a few more quests and skinned everything in my path.  I was doing fine when I dinged level 92.

Then some guy comes up to me with a quest and says I’m needed back at my Garrison.

Foolishly, I believed him and went back only to be cajoled into spending all my questing gold for a Level 2 Town Hall and more gold for a couple of new buildings.

So…I’m thinking that it might be smarter to give my Skinning Priest the Barn since she’s out and about questing anyway, and ditch the Barn on my Monk and get something more useful.

I mean really…all it would take is a little more gold and resources….