Is is just me or are Garrisons starting to feel like a full-time job?

There is so much “stuff” to do I could probably quit my real job if the Garrison(s) paid me in real money.

But they don’t – heck, they don’t even make me any gold although they are great at sucking up every last copper I have on all my characters.

I’ve hit a gold crisis.  I’m so broke I started selling all my extra mats at the AH.  I sold a few stacks of 200 ore and herbs which netted me about 400 gold – when they sold.

Yup, mat prices are in a state of flux on my server so you never know when you post mats if you’ll be getting a “decent” price, a really low price, or if you’re unlucky you won’t sell anything at all.

Unless, of course you want to buy mats.  Then you can count on paying premium prices.

I was able to make one crafted tailoring item and if that sells it might give me some gold for a while, but of course it “rolled” with bad stats so now we have to deal with “expensive” items to craft with horrible RNG secondary stats.

When I’m not running around my Garrison(s) gathering ore/herbs, daily cool downs, missions, upgrading buildings, garrison quests, etc. I’m frantically running characters around Draenor gathering mats.

I’m having a serious “Sumptuous Fur” and “Raw Beast Hide” deficit so my Tailor and Leatherworker can’t do any research or make their crafting mats.

The Barn is pretty much useless for hides since the time it takes to run all over Draenor to trap beasts and process orders slows everything down to a crawl.

My Leatherworker doesn’t have Skinning (she has Engineering) so the only character I have with Skinning is…you guessed it – my Healing Disc Priest (I know, don’t ask.)

So off my seriously under-geared Healing Priest goes (I had to switch to Shadow) to quest/skin in Draenor.

I remember from running other characters through leveling quests I picked up quite a bit of Sumptuous Fur.  Skinning is giving me nothing but scraps (she’s got over 600 skinning so I don’t know what’s up with that baloney) but it’s better than nothing.

Questing though…ugh.  It’s really painful.  I couldn’t even kill the Giant Wasp for a quest item without help.  I spend most of my time running back from the graveyard.

But I keep going for the Sumptuous Fur and Raw Beast Hide.

Of course, one of the first things she gets is a Garrison, so yeah…I need another gold-sucking monster to support.

I don’t need to upgrade every flipping Garrison I have but I ground out my 150 Pet Battle Achievement so I could get the Level 3 Menagerie.

Yes, I need that because you know…PETS.

So I blew my last 3,000 gold for 3 Level 3 plans (plus whatever gold it cost to build them) so I can have 3 shots at the Daily quest reward bags for the new pets.

It sort of paid off because one of them dropped the Weebomination.

I have yet to see any signs of the pets that drop from the rare spawns in the mine and herb garden.

I also got 2/7 Fishing Achievements needed to upgrade the Fishing Shack to Level 3.  That’s going to be fun catching 700 of the required fish and yes, it takes forever.

Yeah, Garrisons are starting to feel like a full-time job with no chance of a vacation…