So what do you do when your computer dies and you have to play WoW on an old crappy laptop?

Fishing – yes, fishing is just as exciting as it always has been since the beginning of time.

I thought I should get at least one toon up to 700 fishing, so I picked my Priest since she was around 650 anyway.

I was just fishing at my Garrison when the Panda NPC started “talking” to me about Nat Pagle when I hit about 665 fishing skill.

So I “talked” to him and after a little blurb about Nat, told me to talk to him again when I was skilled or something – I’m guessing when I hit 700.

I eventually hit 700 (what do you do with 50,000 Crescent fish?) and guess what?

The Panda NPC had nothing to say to me.  I thought it would start the Nat fishing quest or something, but no.

Not a word, so I guess I’m missing something else like all the fishing achievements for catching 100 of each giant fish or whatever.

I remember back in Wrath I used to enjoy fishing.  Remember the good old days, when you could fish up one fish and immediately cook something?

Well, those days are gone.

Now you have to fish up 20 small fish, 10 medium fish or 5 big fish before you can “clean” them to get a daily fishing quest item and/or fish meat to cook.

What that means is now I have a Reagent Tab at the bank overflowing with fish of just about every variety in quantities less than what is required to “clean” them.

I also have an impressive collection of bait that won’t go in the Reagent Tab filling up every extra slot in my bank and bags.

Add in all the “silly” things you can fish up now – like the Grief fish – that aren’t classified as “toys” and the temporary fishing boosts like the “hat” that only lasts a week and well…fishing can quickly fill up all your bag and bank space.

I thought Blizzard had finally addressed some of our space issues by giving us a “toy” tab, an extra Void Storage Slot and upped the stacking limit on crafting mats.

It was all an illusion – a trick, a magician’s slight of hand.

We thought we were getting extra space when all Blizzard did was shuffle some stuff around for the onslaught of fish coming in WoD.

I mean I “get” why they are doing fishing this way.

It’s like the “no flying” baloney.

It doesn’t make crafting or cooking more fun, it certainly doesn’t make fishing more fun anymore than being “grounded” is more “immersive.”

All it does is slow you down like a cheesy F2P game.

I got a couple of other toons I can level up Fishing until I get a new computer so I’m looking at about a gazillion more fish, bait and fishing drops (fish droppings?) cluttering up my banks.

Yeah, I’m going to need a bigger boat.