I’ve got to sit down and figure out this Garrison Professions stuff before I go bankrupt.

I’ve got 3 toons at level 100 so far and a few more with the “starter” garrison.

Priest (level 100) – Engineering/Tailoring

My Priest is good.  She’s got level 3 Engineering and Tailoring buildings, and is cranking out cloth at a rate good enough to make my Warlock some epic shoulders to replace her quest greens.

She’s also got enough Engineering cogs to make someone the helm.

Monk (level 100) – Engineering/Leatherworking

Monk is struggling with Leatherworking because she has only the stupid Barn to trap animals for leather and that isn’t going too well.  I’m forcing myself to stick with it for the moment because the meat you get from the Barn can be used for one of the better food buffs.

That’s right – the Barn can only make the food, not Cooking.

Yeah, that makes sense…

Warlock (level 100) – Engineering/?? – formerly Alchemy, now Tailoring level 1

My poor Warlock.

I don’t know what profession to pick up for her.  Considering how bad the drops are in heroic dungeons (for me at least) I’m thinking maybe I should keep her Tailoring so I can crank out more gear.

Or…I completely forgot about:

Death Knight (level 90) – Alchemy/Jewelcrafting

She hasn’t got to Draenor yet, but maybe I should bench my healing Priest and Shaman for my DK because she’s got level 600 Alchemy/Jewelcrafting and “free up” my Warlock for something else.

Only problem…she’s Blood spec. I guess it would be more efficient to take up Frost or Unholy. I never did very well with Frost and never tried Unholy at all.

Not that she’d do much at level 100 anyway except make potions and gems to sell.

My only “viable” characters are my Priest and Warlock for heroic dungeons and raids if I get lucky so all my other characters can be “support” professions.

Or…I could dump Engineering/Tailoring on my Warlock and have her pick up the Alchemy/Jewelcrafting since she’s already level 100 and avoid dragging another ill-equipped toon through Draenor for the questing death-fest.

Rogue (level 92) – Enchanting/Mining

I started my Rogue through Draenor and got her garrison because she’s got Enchanting/Mining.  Her Enchanting building is only level 1 but she’s getting enough quest gear to disenchant so that seems to be working.

She’s also mining extra ore while questing because I’m going to have to start selling something fast and I think extra ore might sell at the AH.

It will also be nice to have at least one character who can pick locks.

Yeah, I don’t know what would be the best way to go.

I suppose I don’t *have* to have a professions building just because I have the profession, and in WoD you don’t need the profession to have the building – you just can’t make a few things without it.

I could keep Engineering on my Warlock and just dump the building for Tailoring and keep my Salvage Yard.

But that brings up another problem with WoD professions.

Unless you have the professions building for your profession, can you level up your profession without the building?

If not, then I should level up Engineering to 700 before replacing the building with a Tailoring building.

That sound you hear is me banging my head on the keyboard.

Has anyone else solved the Garrison Shuffle?