Ok – so I trashed my Tailoring building at my Garrison with the idea I’d go back to Alchemy.

And….I built a Salvage Yard.


I don’t know what I was thinking.

Anyway, I’ll dump Tailoring and pick up Alchemy again.  I’ll see how the Salvage Yard goes because I got nothing much to do for Alchemy at the moment.

Except maybe selling potions.

I noticed I’m slowly (actually, not so slowly) going bankrupt on all my toons because of these stupid garrisons.

1000g for this plan, 1000g for that plan, gold to build something, etc., etc.

I’m sure spending a lot of gold but I’m making zero gold.  All I’m getting is quest gold and it isn’t enough to support my garrisons.

Yes, I got my 3rd toon to level 100 – my Panda Monk.

Monk squeaks to 100

Monk squeaks to 100

I guess I really don’t know how to play a Monk because OMG it was painful.

I thought my Priest had a hard time but my Monk was even worse.  I think she spent more time dead in Nagrand than time she spent questing.

But she made it, and even picked up a pet from rare spawn.

Brilliant Spore

Brilliant Spore

At least she’s getting better at trapping animals.

Now I only trap myself maybe 1 out of 4 times so that’s good – right? Right??

I gotta say it though.  Trapping is really stupid the way it’s set up.  You have to get the animal down to about 50% then run it through the trap.

This gives the animal a 50% chance to kill you before you can get it in the trap, or a 50% chance for you to get trapped while trying to lure the animal into the trap before it dies.

To add insult to injury, the ones you do manage to trap don’t stack in your bags.

Blizzard has done some really convoluted, stupid things over the years but this wins the prize in my books.

Anyway, I transferred my Warlock back and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t lose her name.

She can be another 100 with nothing to do except burn up gold until I can get her some gear.

In the meantime, I took my Rogue to Draenor and got her a garrison.

Rogue goes to Draenor

Rogue goes to Draenor

If I thought my Priest and Monk had a tough time, this one is going to be a nightmare.

And the worst part of all?  I’ve yet to find any mobs that have flipping pockets I can pick.

Yes, I’m still an idiot.