I finally got my Warlock squeaked up to ilvl 615 so I could queue for the Anniversary Edition of Molten Core.

If you haven’t done it yet, think about what two LFRs full of every whining, complaining, miserable jerk might be like, and you’ve got the 40-man Molten Core.

It was long.  It was painful.  It was full of wipes – on trash.

We were in there so long that the trash at the entrance re-spawned.

But by the 3rd boss, we seemed to have found our “stride” and the rest went like clockwork right up to Ragnaros.

Finally made it to Rag after 3 hours

Finally made it to Rag after 3 hours

We got him down (with only 2 or 3 deaths) and I got my Core Hound Mount and a lovely Crown of Power that was actually a pretty good upgrade.

MC Achievement - Dropped my mailbox right there to get the mount!

MC Achievement – Dropped my mailbox right there to get the mount!

No pet though (boo!) so I’ll have to try again if I have a “block” of at least 3 hours to queue for it and get it done.

Core Hound Mount

Core Hound Mount

Crown of Power

Crown of Power

I’ve been slogging through Archaeology while leveling up my toons since I’m looking for the Frostwolf Ghostpup pet.

I haven’t had much luck with Archaeology on my Warlock and Priest, but I finally got lucky with my Monk and popped the Frostwolf Ghostpup.

Frostwolf Ghostpup

Frostwolf Ghostpup

I was doing okay questing with some Archaeology until I hit the wall for the The Defense of Karabor scenario.

Are you kidding me?  No way I can kill the quest guy when just about every mob in the scenario comes a-running to kill me.

I died so many times I had a 2 min rez timer.  Best of all, the graveyard with the spirit is right next to a group of mobs that kill you as soon as you rez.

So after about 6 or 7 attempts I said “screw it,” hearthed back to my Garrison and dropped the quest.

133 gold repair bill – for nothing.

Maybe I’ll try it again when I’m level 100 and have some raid gear.

Then I decided – for some unknown reason – my Shaman should go to WoD.

My poor Shaman.

She hasn’t done anything much since Cata – I don’t even remember getting her to level 90 and she didn’t even have a full set of TI gear – mostly quest greens.

I forgot how to play an Elemental Shaman.  I forgot (most of the time) to drop totems.

But she didn’t do too bad and every quest reward was an upgrade.  It was actually kind of fun and I got her up to level 92 with quests and Archaeology along the way.

Good old Archaeology.  My Shaman popped the 620 BoA Sorcerer-King Toe Ring necklace her very first WoD dig.  I sent it to my Priest and that kicked her ilvl up enough to queue for Heroics.

Yeah.  Heroics.

My Warlock got the Silver Proving Grounds which is an Account-wide Achievement.

Except it isn’t.  When I checked the queue for Heroics, it was greyed out and said my Priest needed the Silver PG.

The Account-wide Achievement is a Lie – all your toons need it.

So I dragged my Priest to the PG and got Silver my second attempt.  I would have got it the first time except on wave 5 I always forget to interrupt the healer guy right away.

I wasn’t even sure I got it because since the Achievement is account-wide, nothing “pops” up when another toon gets it.

Oh well.

One last good thing – I finally got the Frightened Bush Chicken pet after dragging a bunch of toons through the holiday dailies.

Bush Chicken

Bush Chicken

Now, if only I could get my Warlock’s “Green” shoulders and shoes replaced with some Heroic gear, I’d be laughing.