I decided to ditch my Priest for the moment and work on my Warlock, and lo and behold, after running a few normal dungeons I got the gear I needed to bump me up to an astonishing 610 ilvl!

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah I’m ready for Heroics!

Oh wait – I have to get Silver Proving Grounds before I can queue up.

*bangs head on keyboard*

So off to the Proving Grounds so I can “prove”

1.  Blizzard nerfed Warlock movement into the ground

2.  Blizzard nerfed instant cast spells in case I forgot they nerfed Warlock movement.

I tried Silver a while ago while under 600 ilvl and didn’t get past wave 5 because I couldn’t dps down the last one fast enough or something.

Anyway, this time I made it up to wave 7 (stupidly easy with 610 ilvl – even for me!) and hit the wall at wave 8 because there are 2 mobs who take turns hurling orbs at you so you’re stunned the entire wave and well…you can guess the rest.

So…after *mumble mumble* attempts I figured out the “pattern” and got it with no problems.

Silver Proving Grounds

Silver Proving Grounds

I noticed the Silver Proving Grounds Achievement was a “blue” account-wide achievement, so I hope this means my other DPS toons can avoid doing it.

Now that I belong to the “Exclusive You Can Queue for Heroics” Club, I queued up and got Auchindoun.

I didn’t see much of a big difficulty gap from “normals.”  I just checked the Dungeon Journal before each boss to see what I had to do and it was just the usual “interrupt x” and “stay out of the fire.”

Azzakel was a little “messy” because I think my DBM needed an update so the interrupt messages timing was off.

Yes, I died then I got lost because I didn’t know you had to click the thing for the platform jumps and DON’T JUDGE ME.

First Heroic with the Exclusive Club

First Heroic with the Exclusive Club

But instead of the usual PuG whining and screaming and kicking when me and another DPS got lost, we actually received helpful advice from the group.

Could it be because it’s a relatively new dungeon?  Or I happened to luck out on a patient group?

Or because we all belonged to the Exclusive Silver Proving Grounds Club?

We found our way to the group, got the last boss and I got a cloak upgrade.

You know, it was rather sad to finally replace my Legendary cloak with a blue dungeon drop, but I’m only at ivl 611 and need 3 more ilvls to get into MC so Goodbye, Legendary Cloak – see you at the bank!

I haven’t transmogged my gear yet because I still have to replace a couple of “green” pieces, so I have to run around looking like I shop at the Orc Discount Clothing Store.

Yeah, it's pretty ugly

Yeah, it’s pretty ugly

I blew a bunch of gold on plans to upgrade a couple of my Garrison things – I think the Mine because PET and the Menagerie because PET and maybe the Logging Camp and something else.

I haven’t bothered with follower missions unless the reward is some Garrison supplies because I need a ton to upgrade my Dwarven Bunker and professions stuff so I don’t want to blow Garrison stuff on missions.

I’m slowly going bankrupt because I’m not making any gold at all in this expansion.  How the heck do you make any gold?

I’m also running around a few alts for the Holiday dailies because of the PET that never drops from the bag.

I think we should get a pet reward for Silver Proving Grounds.

After all, Heroics don’t seem that much a big leap from normals and I’d like a better reward for making it into the Exclusive Club.