It’s hard to believe, but my Priest *finally* made it to 100!

I had just done the long grind for the Elemental attunement quest chain and fought my way through the cave with the fire-ooze things to get the quest flower when I remembered I had not picked up the quest.

My first clue was there wasn’t any quest item, so I ran all the way back to the quest guy but I had just enough experience to squeak to level 100 so I didn’t need it after all.

Yeah, so I forgot to pick up the quest...

Yeah, so I forgot to pick up the quest…

So now I have two level 100s with not much to do.

Warlock 100!

Warlock 100!

I guess I’ll be starting the Dungeon stuff with them. I don’t think either one of them has the gear for Heroic dungeons yet, but that’s okay because neither of them can get the Silver Proving Grounds anyway.

I’m kind of burned out on Garrisons already.  Both of them are stuck at Level 2 Garrisons because I’m short about 800-1000 resources each to upgrade and get my pet battle stations.

My Priest has a Lumber Yard and that doesn’t seem to produce much of anything.  At least not enough to justify having it.  I suppose I could upgrade it but that would cost resources which would be self-defeating.

I’ll have to take them both treasure hunting because that seems to have some resources drop, or maybe some rares.

I don’t find Followers much fun either.  I found I can just throw whatever followers at a mission and most of the time they will complete it whether it’s 100% or 42%.  I’ll only pick the “proper” followers if the rewards are garrison resources to delude myself into increasing my success chances.

Even then sometimes an 85% mission will fail.  I don’t know how their RNG works on missions but regardless of the success rate it still seems to be a 50/50 chance.

Oh, and by the way – I HATE the “cap” on Followers more than anything.  I want ALL of them, not just 25 or whatever.  No reason not to have all of them.  Put a cap on ACTIVE followers like active battle pets but for the love of Elune let me get ALL of them.

On a brighter note – here’s a couple of pictures of my favorite Draenor birdie pets.

Teroclaw Hatchling

Teroclaw Hatchling

Apparently you can only loot this from a nest once per character, so get all your toons out to get one!

Brilliant Bloodfeather

Brilliant Bloodfeather

This is the “peachick” model pet you can catch out in wild.  The dungeon reward version is just as cute and pretty!

Gotta get them all!