I was feeling a little guilty about just abandoning my Shadow Priest somewhere in the Spires after the “death-fest,” so I spent most of my game time on more questing with the hopes some gear upgrades might do the trick.

I got a few pieces of gear I could use.  One upgraded to “epic” that actually had Priest stats on it with over 600 ilvl so that was a big upgrade.

I even queued for a dungeon (hour wait for dps), got Skyreach and picked up a couple of blues.

The dungeon was pretty easy.  We only wiped once (first time for the tank, dps and healer) so that’s a win.  I just glanced at the dungeon journal for each boss and the journal gives you enough info to know what the mechanics are and what to avoid – the usual adds > boss and stay out of the fire routine.

My dps was the lowest (including the tank) at about 8k when the others were averaging about 12-14k.  Maybe they got more gear, maybe I’m playing the “new” Shadow Priest wrong.  I don’t know.

I don’t think there is a “haste cap” anymore and I do have a few gear pieces with haste but yikes!  My spells still feel like I’m casting through molasses.

It was a nice experience boost (with a quest) and I got some gear so I think I’ll try another one.

Back to questing.  I continued slogging my way through Spires and even tried a couple of the “bonus events” because they really give a ton of experience.

The mobs seem a lot harder than quest mobs so I had to sneak around a lot to avoid aggroing every mob in the bonus area.   With some careful planning and positioning I cut my “death time” down to maybe once or twice per area.

I also started using Power Word: Shield every time I attacked a mob.  It’s the only “healing” spell I can use that doesn’t kick me out of Shadow form.

That will usually keep me alive long enough to kill a mob, but when it’s gone one mob can get me down to 10% health with a couple of hits.  Now I know what “squishy” really feels like.

If my spells crit I can solo a rare.  If they don’t, a bug can kill me.  It feels weird and unpredictable.

Anyway, after a couple of hours I made it to Level 98 and took the quest to Nagrand and did a couple of the starter quests.

Nagrand is going to be really slow and painful plus I don’t particularly like the zone or the quests very much.

I did check out the Garrison Barracks to get myself a follower “companion” to tag along with me, but I have to upgrade my Town Hall first for 2000 resources and I only have about 600.

I think I’m going to need it for Nagrand questing, so I trashed my beautiful Inn and built a Lumber Yard to get more resources faster.

Now the trick is to figure out how to kill those nasty Nagrand mobs before they kill me while I’m trying to flag some tress…