Yeah, like that’s going to happen any time soon!

But I got ONE leveled to 100 – my Warlock.  Here’s another cheesy Armory pix because I was so burned out I forgot my screen shots:

Level 100

Level 100

I started with my Warlock, then switched over to my Priest for a while under the delusion that I might get both of them to 100.


You see, I didn’t try copying my Priest over to the Beta so I had no idea how that would go.

It was actually okay until I reached about level 96, then I hit the wall.

I was in Spires, questing away, minding my own business when I picked up the quest where you drink the shadow stuff or whatever then go and kill some mobs (Orcs I’m assuming – who remembers anymore?)

Well, in small, enclosed areas (caves are another rant I’ll save for later) with fast respawn rates I couldn’t kill two or more at a time before they killed me.

I’m talking about 30 minutes to kill 10 quest mobs.

Oh and thanks Blizzard for taking away all my heals and popping me out of shadow form for the few I have left.  And a big thanks for nerfing the crap out of my Void Tendrils so a mob can break out of them if it sneezes.

I also didn’t seem to be getting much in the way of quest reward gear upgrades – I did get one “Epic” quest reward upgrade with Agility and a lovely shield I can’t use.

Oh well.

Yes, it’s just me because another Shadow Priest in the guild marched right through to level 100 with no problems.  I must be doing it wrong.

Anyway, I almost made it to level 97 before giving up and switching over to my Warlock.

That went much better because I knew from the Beta she wouldn’t start replacing gear until about level 97 and I knew she could handle whatever mobs were thrown at her even with the Demon pets nerf.

It was still kind of discouraging because other people in the guild were hitting 100, getting Gold/Silver Proving grounds, getting all the Heroic Dungeon Achievements and upgrading all their gear and garrisons while I was still slogging through level 96.

No wonder I got fired.

I can’t even queue for Heroic Dungeons until I get that stupid Silver Proving grounds, so I’m not sure what to do next with my Warlock, or any character I get to 100.

I guess if my “max level game” is limited to normal dungeons, I can’t progress my characters very much and it will be a very expensive expansion with not much to do.  I’m not particularly fond of the Garrison Mini-Game (it gets really old after a while – I’m not much of a “Sims” gamer) and I’m kind of burned out of pet battles.

I couldn’t face another “death round” with my Priest, so I took my Panda Monk to Draenor.  So far so good – she isn’t even level 91 yet – but mobs aren’t too hard for her with her crappy TI gear and she’s getting some decent quest upgrades.

I’ll probably hit the wall with her soon since I don’t play a Monk very well and it’s going to be tough as melee further down the questing road but for now there’s no pressure to level her up.

Yeah, I’m discouraged.  Maybe I’ll find something to do in this expansion, maybe not.

On the bright side, I found two Teroclaw Hatchlings and I also discovered the cute little “Peachick” pets can be caught in the wild as “Brilliant Bloodfeathers.”

There are also a couple of quest reward pets along the way so if you like pets you’ll love the Spires.