Yeah, I had to work today and since launch was at 2 am my time…I missed it.

But I got FRIDAY OFF!!

I have to take the cat to the Vet for his shots, but other than that it’s a Giant Pot of Bavarian Chocolate Coffee and WoD Leveling Fest!

I think I’ll be bouncing between my Priest and Warlock until I get their garrison quests done, then I’ll see who dies the least questing and make the big push to 100.

No rush I suppose since there are no Server Firsts anymore (not that I’d get one anyway) but we’ll see how the lag fest goes and I have a good idea where the quest bottle necks are going to be from the Beta so maybe it won’t be too bad.

Grats to everyone who got to be there at the launch, and see you in Draenor!

If you were at the launch how did it go?  Anyone Level 100 yet?