Since I’ve found myself with nothing to do, I decided to revisit an “old” friend who has been neglected for a long time – my little Draenei Shaman.

I had transferred her to another server to “support” yet another DK I had hopes would get to do some tanking, but alas!

They found themselves alone and guildless so I kind of forgot about them.  The DK was level 90 but poor Lokicat was stuck at level 86 because I was burned out on MoP leveling and paying $60.00 for 5 levels was…kind of stupid.

So she’s been hanging out in Pearlfin Village waiting for her turn.

I think the leveling has been bumped up or something because she had no heirlooms and no guild perks but I got her to level 90 skipping most of Jade Forest, a few quests in Kun Lai Summit and finished up in Valley of the Four Winds.

She had almost maxed mining and low level jewelcrafting so I dumped the JC (probably useless in WoD) and picked up Engineering.  I think I’ll keep her mining since it might be good to have a gathering profession in WoD.

I got her decked out in TI gear so I just have to read up on playing Elemental and see how it goes.

She’s got a healing spec but we all know how my healing goes so…yeah forget it.

With a Character Transfer sale on right now I think I’m going to transfer them both “home” to Winterhoof-Kilrogg since that’s where Lokicat was “born.”

Lokicat and Loki Cat

Lokicat and Loki Cat

No, I haven’t actually deleted my Warlock I’m just not sure what to do with her – I’ll think of something.