Things I like:

My Achievement for Green Fire!

Eat my shorts, Kanrethad!

Eat my shorts, Kanrethad!

And my Title!

of the Black Harvest? Hell Ya!

of the Black Harvest? Hell Ya!

I also like how profession mats now stack to 200 (it took them 10 years to figure this out? Just asking…)

Of course I like the new Iron Starlette pet and the Bronze Whelpling.  Yeah, I had to buy the Bronze Whelpling off the AH but I had some extra gold to blow on pets with the VP/JP “refunds”and it sure wasn’t dropping for me so what the heck.

Things I don’t like:

The new Horde chopper.  It’s rather dull looking and well…just ugly.

Horde "Azeroth Chopper"

Horde “Azeroth Chopper”

I mean really tank treads on a chopper? And you think I’d pay 100,000 gold for the Alliance version? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No thanks.

It would have to come with a wonder, special pet for that price.

I’ll take the free Horde one if it counts towards the mounts achievement but I don’t think I’ll be using it.  It also has a really annoying noise.

Hmmmm….other things I don’t like…

I HATE how casting while moving has been all but wiped out.  Of course running the new “preview” dungeon in UBRS has – you guessed it – lots of mechanics where you have to MOVE.

So now we get to run around like idiots and not have anything to cast.  Yeah thanks for nothing.  I thought that “stutter step” casting crap died out with mullets.

There are also tons of bugs but I’m assuming those will get fixed – eventually.

The funniest one though is that the “squish” didn’t quite work out too well with some hostile mobs.  Most notably are the Mana Wyrms in the BE starter zone one-shotting poor baby BEs.

Makes the Iron Horde “threat” look like a Kindergarten class.  Welcome to our new Mana Wyrm Overlords!

My Warlock had a bit of a surprise with this bug while picking weeds at the ranch.

I had about 5 veggies with birds so as per usual (pre-patch) I pulled them all at once – and they nearly killed me.  My Heroic geared Warlock killed by a pack of birds.  Rather embarrassing.

Reports on the forums suggest that it’s mainly caster mobs that didn’t get the memo about the squish, so if you want to run a baby dungeon, better get a full 40-man raid together and pray you don’t have to move around much.