I made the mistake of taking off my lovely transmogged Warlock Tier 2 Helm to check out my Human Warlock’s new face and I was shocked by not only how much she had aged, but how cranky she looked.

So I ran – not walked – to the Barber Shop and was please to see those ummm…”barbers” had completed their “certification” in Plastic Surgery so I could choose a new face.

Although I had already seen her “new” face when I copied her over to the beta, something must has gone wrong when the patch went live because she looked like an extra from Night of the Living Dead.

I’m sad to report none of the faces looked anything close to what her original face looked like.  All the eyes were “off”, some of the noses were more suited to an Elekk than a human,  and all the proportions seemed to be wrong.

Now, I can understand a bit of artistic license when creating “fantasy” characters even if they are humanoids like Draenei, Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, etc.

But these are supposed to be Humans so is it wrong to expect they should – I don’t know – follow basic human face proportions?

And I guess someone didn’t understand the “blend” brush in Photoshop because it’s the shading and color contrasts (or lack thereof) that makes the faces look rather harsh and “old.”

Don’t even get me started on the eyebrows.  I’m guessing the idea was to look like a “tough hero” but it missed the mark and landed around “cranky.”

I tried a few different hair styles and it didn’t seem to make much difference.  The hair looked rather “flat” (I just looked at the dark color) and seemed “stuck” to her head.  The lighter colors might be better and maybe I’ll check them out later.

I didn’t take any measurements, but I’m pretty sure her head is way too small for her body.

I spent 32 gold to get her a new face that still doesn’t quite look human but it’s the best of the bunch.  I sadly put her helm back on because it covers almost all of her face.

Yes, I’m being overly-critical but you know what?  Blizzard has some of the industry’s best artists working for them and this isn’t even close to the quality of work we’ve seen coming from them.

Now, maybe it was done by students or interns and there is nothing wrong with that at all.  It’s actually a good thing to have up and coming artists working in the industry, but even a first-year art student would learn the basics of Divine Proportion in Drawing 101 so I don’t get it.

So it was with a great deal of trepidation that I took my Draenei Priest to the Barber Shop and removed her helm.

She looked perfect.  She looked beautiful.  Only her eyes had lost the glow and were replaced with an unflattering flat blue color that lacked any life whatsoever.  Apparently all the eyes are like this now so…who knows why.

I was especially pleased with her hair.  Her pigtails looked gorgeous.

I happily went to the Interface option to uncheck “Show Helm.”

Yes, some of the Draenei faces have “duck lips” and weird Elekk noses.  I just lucked out with my “original” face translating to one of the better “new” faces so it didn’t cost me any gold for a face lift.

Oh well.

At least my Warlock got her “of the Black Harvest” title.  Maybe showing her title will distract from her poor face…