Yup, I’m feeling the blahs.

Looking at my 3/20 “Secrets” and 1 hour waits for LFR, I’ve given up getting my Monk the cloak.  She doesn’t have a lot of gear so she’s not a “candidate” for leveling in WoD until it’s been around for a while anyway.

So I’ve been running my Warlock around Panda Land doing quests she missed as a Boosted Noob mostly just for the gold.

I’ve also been doing the “Dailies for Dollars” circuit to max out her rep (for no reason whatsoever) and of course for the gold.

I was building up a nice little nest egg of gold to get her started in WoD and then the inevitable happened.

I spotted a TCG Rocket Chicken pet on the AH and I had just enough gold to buy it.

Rocket Chicken

Rocket Chicken

Now I’m broke again, but I got a lot more quests and dailies I can do to keep me busy until the “magic patch.”

The only thing I regret is that I never found a group to get the Silver Challenges for the mounts and I still can’t beat that flipping Hexos for the Brawler’s Guild.