So…after the raid Sunday night a guildie asked for a few volunteers to head over to the Brawler’s Guild to help get the Rabble, Rabble, Rabble Achievement.

We had switched from Heroic to Normal to kill Garrosh (yeah, yours truly apparently thinks standing in red fire boosts my green fire dps) which took about 5 min.  No heirlooms for me.

I decided to tag along for the Achievement since my Brawler’s Guild Achievements came to a grinding halt at Hexos.

We queued for some fights, got the portal, zoned in right in front of Orgrimmar and got the Achievement.

There were a few unsuspecting Horde dueling, but we quickly killed them.  Then someone suggested we storm the gates so we killed a few guards and marched right in the front door.

Storming the Gates of Orgrimmar

Storming the Gates of Orgrimmar

Of course once we were in I just had to /yell “WE WILL END YOU.”

There were few players around and we could kill the guards easily enough, so what the heck?

Let’s go for Garrosh and kill him again!

The Real Siege of Orgrimmar

The Real Siege of Orgrimmar

I must say that “regular” Garrosh is a lot easier to kill than “Sha Garrosh!”

Another Garrosh Kill!

Another Garrosh Kill!

This Garrosh didn’t drop any heirlooms either. Oh well.

In other news…

My monk *finally* won a Silvershard Mines battleground for the flipping Legendary quest.

Silvershard Mines - Eat my shorts Blizzard

Silvershard Mines – Eat my shorts Blizzard

Now, I don’t know what game development strategic genius thought that putting PvE players in a PvP battleground would be a wonderful game play choice, but it’s Blizzard so it doesn’t have to be logical or make sense.

If their goal was to prove to PvE players that gouging out your eyeballs with a rusty spoon was more fun then PvP well…they exceeded all expectations.

I like to run baby battlegrounds once in while on alts until they are old enough for dungeons, but after the Silvershard Mine fiasco I don’t think I ever want to see a battleground ever again for any reason.

Anyway, I queued up for some LFR to get the 20 Secrets of the Empire next on the list. I ran about six of them and got a whopping 2 Secrets – with the “Black Prince” buff.

Ummm…are you sure the buff is supposed to increase your chances or is it a stealth nerf to decrease your chances?

At this rate I think I’m screwed out of the getting the cloak. My fault though – I should have done it a long time ago but who would have thought that Blizzard would kill the entire quest line?

Yup. One thing for sure Blizzard has been consistent with for a decade of WoW – they know how to kill fun.