I heard a rumor that the Garrison Mission problems were resolved so I logged in (after a very long patch) and sure enough!

All my missions could be completed!

I finally got all my (rather lackluster) rewards and sent my followers off on another set of missions.

I also was able to “hire” a new follower from my Inn, so things are looking up.

On the down side, a whole bunch of Garrison quests were also reset, so I’m not sure if I really want to do them all over again.

There is a strange sort of overlap.  For example, the original quest for the mine was available, but since I had done the quest already I could actually mine stuff with the quest mobs running around.

I know I really don’t want to do the stable quests again.  Ugh.  Those are just nasty.

Since the release date is getting so close, I might just kick around the Beta and see if there is anything I’ve missed that might need a bug report.

Back in MoP, I’ve almost finished the Valor part of the Legendary Quest for my Monk (sorry Priest, not going to happen.)

Three hundred more valor on Tuesday and that’s done!  I’ve got 200 from the TI quest waiting to be turned in, then a dungeon or scenario or two and I’m on to the next part.

Maybe I’ll make it it – just maybe.