Yup, still suck on Missions.  I think it’s been a month now and no signs of it getting fixed, so I guess I’ll just hope it will be fixed on live.

So…with the removal of the Legendary quests it looks like my Monk and Horde Priest will never get the cloak since both of them are stuck at the Valor part.

Now, one would think getting Valor would be simple enough – queue up for some LFR, dungeons and/or scenarios and voila! Capped for the week!

Not even close.

For example, I queued my Priest for LFR on a Tuesday.  I had a one hour wait, then got in at the Paragons.  Half the raid had already left (including the tanks) so it was another 45-minute wait for tanks.

Then we got to Garrosh.

I don’t think I have to tell you how that went.  Let’s just say I wasted 4 hours and in the end didn’t get any Valor.

Yeah, I’ve kind of given up on getting any more cloaks.

So with not much to do in WoW, I’ve been playing some Hearthstone.

I did pretty good (relatively) last month or “season” with my Really Bad Pally Deck – made it to Rank 17.

This month however…not so much.

I’ve just been bouncing between Rank 19 and 20.  I might have to put together a regular deck if I really want to try a few ranks.

On the bright side, I discovered that a Nat Pagle card and the Alarm-o-Bots can be pretty good “tanks” in a pinch.

Everyone will commit an excessive number of spells/cards to get rid of these Bad Boys.  They are the undisputed Kill Magnets of Hearthstone.

Of course, if I have a good card draw and an Alarm-o-Bot survives, there is nothing more hilarious than getting a Ragnaros or Ysera out on turn 4.

Now, if only I could find a way to beat all those damn Hunters…