Yup – still stuck on Missions on the WoD Beta.  Still don’t have much to do because of persistent bugs (re: Engineering.)

I suppose I could do more quests like the Garrison dailies but OMG can you spell “grindy?”

I know I should because it’s Beta and testing and whatever, but it’s so BORING I just can’t make myself do it.

Think of Timeless Bore with a percentage bar and that pretty much sums up the Garrison dailies.

Dungeon quests are a no-go because the wait times are ridiculous (over an hour) and if you finally get a dungeon Elune forbid you wipe once because then everyone leaves and you’re stuck waiting for another hour – or two.

I wouldn’t care except I have the dungeon quest for the Peachick Pet and I WANT MY PEACHICK PET!

So…I log in once a day to see if my missions are fixed so I can do something, make more profession mats I can’t do anything with except fill up my bank, queue for my Peachick dungeon to see if I can actually get it this time, check out the Pet Battle daily, report all the same bugs I’ve been reporting for weeks and then log off because that’s about all I can do.

In Other News…

I’ve been “cleaning up” some unfinished stuff with my Warlock to get ready for WoD since she’s probably the only character I’ll be leveling up to 100 for a while.

Despite doing the SW and Dalaran fishing dailies every day since she was “boosted,” I have yet to see the Fishing Hat so I’ve been working on her Nat Pagle rep to get the “Epic” Fishing Hat.

I think I had the same problem with my DK – all my characters seem to get the hat as soon as they can do the dailies but my poor DK had to get the Nat Pagle rep because the Fishing Hat never, ever dropped.

I also transferred one of my Horde priests over to Wyrmrest Accord because I thought it might be fun to level a Horde character in WoD to see the other side of the story.

No, I’m not into RP since I’m a terrible fiction writer, but it’s a high pop server with – you guessed it – lots of PETS on the AH.  Of course I don’t have any gold yet but I’m working on it.

Not happy about a WoD priest though, since Shadow Priests are getting severely gutted and it might be a big mistake.  If I had the $60.00 I’d boost a Horde Warlock instead, or maybe even a Monk.

But I don’t so I’m stuck with the Horde priest for now.  She’s got Tailoring and Enchanting and I’ve been debating dropping Enchanting and picking up Engineering.

I think Engineering might be more “interesting” in WoD than Enchanting and anyway, I miss a lot of Engineering “perks” like using the AH at the Shrine instead of running to Orgrimmar ever two seconds.

I’ve been running LFR to get her some better gear and she’s currently stuck on the Valor part of the Legendary Magic Cloak.

Don’t know if I’ll get the cloak in time for WoD but it’s something to do when I get tired of fishing for Nat Pagle rep fish.

At least she has the Fishing Hat.