Yup, still stuck on Garrison missions in WoD.  I’m not even sure how to report them, or even if I should keep reporting them.

Once per log on?  Once every time I check?  Once after every new patch?

I get a LUA errors at the Mission table so I guess as long as I get errors I can post in the bug report I’ll keep reporting them.

Brawler’s Club

Or whatever it’s called.

I’ve been cleaning up my Warlock’s bank in preparation for WoD (tip: you’re going to need lots of bag space) and found a bunch of old Brawler quests I’ve picked up here and there.

Apparently there is an Achievement for getting them all, so I rounded up the ones I could farm (a few left to find) and thought I’d try them since I needed something to do after Archaeology.

My priest made it to Rank 4 (just for the pet) and my Warlock was Rank 0, so I fought my way up the ranks and made it to Rank 8.

Rank 7

Rank 7

I know what you’re thinking – “Rank 8 isn’t even the top so why do you think you’re leet?”

I’m glad you asked!

I’m leet because I did all of Ranks 1 through 6 with my FISHING POLE equipped!

Yes, you read that correctly.  I was leveling fishing when I decided to drop off the quests after the fishing daily and completely forgot I still had it equipped.

It’s amazing how much faster I made it to Rank 8 when I had a real weapon equipped.

Rank 8

Rank 8

I was on a roll and then I hit the Hexos wall.

No way I can do this.

I read the strats, watched the videos, tried about 10 times and it’s not going to happen.

I’m about 50/50 with the Challenge quests.  Some I can do, and some are so gimmicky I can’t do the “console” stuff or I don’t have the tools for it.

For example, “Dippy and Doopy” can kill me in less than a second because I don’t have a knock back.  I tried different talents for stuns I have but I don’t know – they don’t work fast enough or I’m not fast enough or maybe they can’t be stunned at all.

Not that it really matters since I’m not much of a “Brawler” anyway.  It’s just something to do when there is nothing else to do.

I have to admit though, the gold you get for the quest challenges is massive compared with anything else in the game.

I made around 4k gold for the couple of hours I spent there, and you also “win” some snappy looking shirts!  I think there are a couple of BoA weapons to get too as soon as I can find some JPs or whatever currency they are at the vendor.

It does irk me that I’m only 2 ranks away from getting the mount.  Maybe I just need 100 attempts at Hexos like I did for Green Fire.