After a rather big downloaded patch for WoD last night, my missions are STILL stuck.

#1 Leveling Up Battle Pets

I must say I really enjoy the Battle Pet area at the Garrison.

I also love the fact that I can do a daily pet battle at my Garrison instead of flying (or in WoD, walking) all over the map to do a few battles.

It also made me realize that I need a whole bunch more of level 25 pets that I haven’t bothered leveling up yet.

I’ve got a lot of work to do with pets.

#2 Leveling Professions

I’ve been slacking off on this with my Warlock for a long time.  As a Boosted Noob from level 60 she received max level Engineering/Alchemy/First Aid and nothing else.

I eventually got her Cooking up to 600 but Fishing is sitting at 535 and Archaeology was stuck at level 1.

Yeah, Archaeology…

So I bit the bullet and spent the last couple of days running all over Azeroth leveling up Archaeology.

Yes, it’s exactly as mind-numbingly boring as I remember.  I didn’t even care if a rare popped up – all I wanted was the skill points so I could get the heck out of there.

Don’t even get me started on those Mantid dig sites right in the middle of 3000 aggressive mobs…

But I got it done so there better be something flipping amazing for Archaeology in WoD or I’m going to be really mad.

#3 Achievements

Would love to get some of the Achievement mounts and Challenge mode stuff before it all goes away, but it’s hard to find people around to do it and I sure don’t have the gold to “buy” runs.

I’ll probably have to take this one off my list of things to do.

*sniff* Farewell, Armored Skyscreamer…we would have been so happy together…

Hearthstone: Worst Deck in the World

I like Hearthstone but it gets really old losing ALL THE TIME.  Yes, I’m terrible at the game so generally if I lose 5 in a row (not a problem for me) I’ll do something else because more than that I tend to want to punch my computer.

I managed to squeak my way up to Rank 19/20 just to get the Ice Crown card back this month and once you hit 20 you can’t drop below that until the reset next month.

I have no delusions about getting any higher than Rank 20 – I’m just after the fancy-pants card backs anyway so that’s okay and it’s fun to play a few games during lunch hour or when I’m a little burned out on WoW (I’m looking at YOU Archaeology!!!!)

I’ve looked at a few of the currently popular “net decks” but I don’t have a lot of the mid- or high-range cards and only a few Legendary cards.

Apparently the Legendary cards I have are all “bad” cards that no one uses for any deck.  I suppose I could craft the “good” Legendary cards if I had enough dust for them.

But I don’t, so I’m stuck with what I have for now.

After a huge losing streak the other night (about 20+ games in a row) I watched a few of the more popular Hearthstone streamer videos and found TotalBiscuit’s “Legendary” deck.

Of course I don’t have all the Legendaries but I thought what the heck?  If I’m going to lose, I might as well lose big and have fun doing it.

So I picked a basic Paladin deck and loaded it up with every Legendary card I had.

And I started winning.

I was still losing a lot of games, but you have to laugh when you get to drop Elite Tauren Chieftain and it gives your opponent that one special card needed to wipe you off the board.

Or you get a really lucky card draw and can hit your opponent in the face with a buffed up Nat Pagle.

Don’t get me wrong – stuffing your deck full of Legendaries isn’t an automatic win.  Any player better than I am can still stomp me into the ground with basic cards.

But if I get a “lucky” card draw and all the stars are aligned correctly…

Luck of the Draw

Luck of the Draw

A winning streak got me up to Rank 19, then Rank 18, then OMG I hit Rank 17!

Rank 17 with the Bad Legendary Deck

Rank 17 with the Bad Legendary Deck

I decided to quit while I was ahead because you just know I’m gearing up for another losing streak and I want to enjoy the moment since I’ll probably never see this again.

I picked the Paladin deck to load up my Legendaries because it’s Hero power gives you a card and something to do until you have mana for a Legendary.  It also has a lot of buff cards and some good healing because you’re going to get stomped.

I think a Priest deck might also be fun to try with all my Legendaries just for something to do.

Here’s the list of cards I used that contains all my Legendary cards and a few thrown in for fillers.

Bad Legendary Deck

Bad Legendary Deck

I expect Hearthstone sponsors will be flooding me with calls any minute now.

Yes indeed. 😀