Yeah, still not much to do in WoD Beta.

My missions are still stuck even after the last patch and with the professions bugs, glitches and other problems I mostly just hang around my Garrison waiting for the server reset messages.

On the bright side, I picked up a quest that rewards the Peachick Pet!

On the down side, it’s a dungeon quest.

Dungeons aren’t going so well.  The wait times are ridiculous in LFD, and even if you get a group everyone quits if you wipe once.

I tried a dungeon with a guild group and we didn’t get past the 2nd boss.  The healer could not keep up the tank.  We went through 3 healers – all MoP “veterans” and none of them could keep up.

I’m guessing that healing has been “tuned” for max level with the right gear but just like Cata healing, what do you do until you get the gear?

I hope my healer enjoys her new career as a bank alt.

Hearthstone – Last Naxx Wing Open

Oh boy what a royal PITA Kel’Thuzad is to defeat.

I tried out a suggested Priest deck from Vernitrax and I had all the cards but it’s too dependent on getting the “right” cards at the beginning.

The other problem with this deck is that the cards you do have with some attack are just too low.

I found it better to replace all those low attack cards with something a little beefier so when I had my big change to buff up the health of a card I usually had a good one already on the board.

Heck, you can buff up your Lightwell instead of waiting for the “right” card to show up.

Here’s what I used:

Custom Priest

Custom Priest

If you don’t have the Neutral Rare cards it doesn’t matter.  Just replace anything you don’t have with similar stats.  I don’t even think I got any of the Neutral Rares when I won anyway.

The Priest cards are important though – if you don’t have them level up your Priest until you get them.

Screw you, Kel'Thuzad

Screw you, Kel’Thuzad

It only took me 2 attempts with my revised deck compared with over 20 failed attempts with the suggested deck because I didn’t get the “right” cards when I needed them.

Naxx Cleared

Naxx Cleared

Overall I enjoyed the Naxx Adventure although a few times I wanted to through my computer out the window.

I’m still a lousy player.  In fact, I’m so bad I should probably start a Twitch stream.  I’m sure I’d get a ton of sponsors.