Well, I’ve finally hit the Bug wall in the Beta and find myself with little to do and test.

My Garrison Mission table has been stuck for 3 days on the same completed mission (it hangs at “success” or “failure” and “next” is greyed out.)

Of course, there is no way to bypass that screen.  I can see all the new missions behind it, but I can’t access them because the Completed missions are stuck.

I lost my Hearthstone to Ashran after the last couple of patches, and there is no way to get there to get back.  So…I can’t get the level 2 Garrison plans, get access to trainers, AH, Bank, etc. so my Garrison has nothing to do.

My Herb garden stopped growing herbs because apparently I need to turn in 25 seeds to grow anything, and so far I’ve only picked up seeds from picking herbs in my garden.  Catch 22.

I’ve got a ton of ore but all the WoD professions or Garrison stuff you can make needs not only ore, but herbs, leather and probably fish since Blizzard decided that you just can’t make cloth without some ore.

I have been able to make some Engineering work orders – in fact, I’ve made so many since I have nothing else to do that I have a ton of Engineering gears.

I can’t make any Engineering stuff because…you guessed it – I can’t get to Ashran for the trainers.

Aside from the bugs, I’m really starting to hate the “new” profession model.  You need to gather up every flipping material for every flipping profession for every flipping pattern.  Work orders just give more excess materials and that’s what everyone needs – more crap to fill up their bags and banks.

Sure, we have a nifty “Reagents” tab and guess what?  I’ve already got mine half full and I can’t even make anything yet.

Don’t get me started on the Fishing Daily and the “new” fishing fun.  You get to “clean” fish now, but even though we’re Heroes well…we’re really dumb.

We don’t know how to clean ONE fish.  We have to catch 10 Big fish and 20 Small fish before our brain kicks in and we remember how to clean fish.

Cleaning fish will give us the quest items for the daily and will give us the cooking ingredients.

Multiply that by x numbers of new fish varieties and you can see how giving us an extra “Reagents” tab is like giving us a shoebox when we need a storage yard.

I already made it to level 100 (again) and put in all the bug reports on quests I could find, so I thought I’d try the Garrison Dailies.

You get two options – a “solo” quest or a “group” quest.  Don’t do what I did the first time and mix them up.  I found myself getting ROTFLStomped into the ground by packs of Elites.  Yeah, that was the group quest.

I was more clever this time and picked the Solo quest.

And…that took flipping *forever*

You don’t kill “x number of bad guys,” you get a percentage bar from 1-100.  Every time you kill a quest mob, the bar moves an infinitesimal amount.

I don’t know if Blizzard really wants us to kill 100 mobs and thinks hiding it in a percentage bar will fool us.

News Flash:  It doesn’t.

However, it is 100% Annoying.  I’ll give them that much.

Mobs drop the good old Burning Crusade crystals.  I don’t know what we want them for yet, but I’m betting I really won’t give a damn if the only way to get them is to do that stupid solo daily.

On the bright side, I found myself a new pet just by wandering around and clicking random stuff.

Teroclaw Hatchling

Teroclaw Hatchling

Now if only I could remember where I found it…