After the last character wipe, I started leveling my copy character Warlock again.

Some old bugs were fixed, some new bugs cropped up and there were a few changes to the Garrisons.

The Herbal Garden was moved outside of the Garrison, and as I was standing there trying to remember what quest I needed to open it, Dog showed up.

My Farm Dog?

My Farm Dog?

I was so happy! I felt really bad leaving my Dog behind at the Ranch. I mean really – wouldn’t the AAPA (Azeroth Animal Protection Agency) think I had abandoned him?

Now he’s back with his own little dog house!

So…where’s my CAT???

I’m still sitting around level 96.  I tried to make the big push to 100 over the weekend but with disconnects, resets, quest bugs, etc. I didn’t make it.

Questing actually seems to be a little more difficult this time around.

The quests are the same but I seemed to find a lot more quests that didn’t show up on the map.  Sometimes I didn’t have a clue where I was supposed to go and quest text doesn’t help much if it tells you to go to “Area Whatever” and that isn’t on the map.

Apparently I have a Fishing Shack now (where it is I’m not sure) and I *finally* got the mine working (bug fix) so I’ve been able to do a few work orders for Engineering.

I’m still missing my Pet Battle area.  That might be a level 100 thing or something higher than I am right now.

The pet battle Worgen is hanging around but no battle pets or quests yet.

I’ve found a few more fun toys in my travels from killing rares.  A “bubble” wand that blows bubbles and the “Spirit of Bashiok” that summons Bashiok to dance for a while.

Spirit of Bashiok

Spirit of Bashiok

I’m actually liking my Garrison right now.

I built an Inn and the props in it are really great!  Travelers are coming and going, and you can “hire” a follower once a week.

I hired a “Legendary” female dwarf and I picked up something somewhere that let’s you name your followers so that might be fun.

One thing about the Inn though…

I’m SURE I sent Fiona out on a very important mission, and there she was in the Inn yapping about how she was so hungry she could eat an Orc and sitting at a table drinking herself silly.

Yeah, I might have to make some employee adjustments.