I don’t have much to say about the Beta lately since the Bug Gods have pretty much stopped me in my tracks at the moment.

Especially the Garrison.

Yikes!  One really bad bug with the quest to get the Mine going has left me with not much to do around the Garrison since every flipping “work order” needs ore of some kind.

My Herb Garden is rolling along so I’ve got bags stuffed full of herbs and nothing to do with them.  Apparently even Alchemy needs ores mixed with herbs – maybe for extra fiber?

I know why Blizzard is making us use every flipping gathering item for every flipping work order but come on – if you’re missing ONE thing then your ENTIRE Garrison shuts down.

I checked the AH for ores/herbs for one work order and yeah…it would cost me 20,000 gold for 20 herbs.

I don’t think so.

Might as well send everyone on Vacation.

I’m having mixed luck with the Missions.  I’ve had a few give me “100%” chances at success and still fail, while one at 32% chance completed.

It’s hard to tell if it’s a Bug or just Blizzard’s regular old RNG.

I haven’t had any plans drop either so without any new buildings to make my Garrison is dead in the water.

Way too much RNG involved to make it interesting never mind fun since if the RNG gods don’t drop you a plan, you’ve got literally nothing to do.

Anyway, all my pets (except my Store pets) showed up in my Pet Journal, and with a “magic” stone (temporary for the Beta) you can upgrade all your pets to 25 instantly.  Stones can be purchased to upgrade their quality too, so I happily spent a lot of time getting my entire 760+ pets all Rare and level 25.

When I went to purchase my stones, I found something else for sale.

Elekk Plushie

Elekk Plushie

Yes! A cute little Elekk Plushie pet that gives you an Achievement as well!

The only fun I’ve had with the Garrison (because everything is waiting on Bug fixes and RNG) is the daily pet battle.

It’s still bugged a bit.  The battle pet(s) of the day are always there and I can battle them, but the daily quest for it doesn’t always show up.

Anyway, the other day there was something new – Stitches Jr.!  OMG can we get this as a pet?

Stitches Jr.

Stitches Jr.

He’s pretty tough to beat too – took me more than a few tries.  Sometimes it’s 3 random pets to battle, and sometimes it’s a “legendary” single pet like Stitches Jr.

Garrison Battle Pets

Garrison Battle Pets

I really enjoy having 4 of my battle pets out at my Garrison – I just wish I could pick which ones to show up.  It’s all random, of course.  I guess letting us pick pets would come dangerously close to “customization” and disrupt the constant flow of RNG…

I also picked up a “new” pet while running around questing.  I’ll always take a side trip to kill a Rare mob just to see what it drops, and when I killed Netherspawn it dropped a pet!

Spawn of Netherspawn

Spawn of Netherspawn

At this point, I honestly think Blizzard should have just kept the Garrison thing as a bit of customizable player housing like an upgraded Ranch instead of some quest hub.

I’d much rather use it for a place to grow a few gathering materials and show off my pets than an alter to the RNG gods.

I tried out the “invasion” scenario thing and well…do it once and there is no reason to do it again.

The Garrison “daily quest” is just annoying.  Instead of coming right out and telling you “kill x” it’s some stupid percentage bar.  Remember the “Save Thrall” quest for the cloak?  Yeah, just give me a number instead of a dumb bar.

One of the daily options was a group quest.  I think they mean it too – I went to look at one and was killed almost instantly when I was swarmed by level 100 Elites.

Yeah, not to excited.

Ashran – Yeeech

I picked up the quest to our new “hub” Ashran and wow, talk about DISAPPOINTING.  It’s just dull, dark and ugly.  Think of the Tol Barad with a hill.

Yeah.  Not impressed.  One NPC even has to tell you how wonderful it would be to set your Hearthstone there.  If you need a Public Relations NPC to “spin” it for you, it’s pretty bad.

Not buying it.  At least the Shrine had some class.   This is just a mud pit PvP area.

I suppose we’ll HAVE to use it as a home base for the amenities but geez Blizzard I think I should get a partial refund for this hole in the ground.

No wonder people are mad about it.  Now I know why.