I was running around picking up some quests I had missed, and surprise I hit level 100.

Level 100!

Level 100!

I hadn’t even got to Nagrand yet. I had the quest, but I was busy running around a few areas turning in some quests I had and picking up some I had missed (or had been added in since I was there the last time.)

I was NOT impressed by how Blizzard “handled” another Alliance Hero – one of the few notable heroes we have left.

I won’t give away any spoilers – let’s just say “Come on Blizzard!  This is exactly why people think you favor the Horde story when you give us a badly conceptualized and badly written quest line for absolutely no reason at all that has zero Lore, Quest, Alliance History or heck – even an “alternate” story purpose.”

The only saving grace I suppose, is that this entire expansion isn’t supposed to affect the “timeline” but I’m betting my gold that *this* particular Lore incident will be persistent.


I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Some good news for all The Burning Crusade fans – a couple of quests I did in Talador (I think) and the few I started in Nagrand definitely gave me that old Burning Crusade feeling.

Unfortunately, it also seemed to give the old Burning Crusade quest mechanics, low drop rates for quest items, and yes – Ogres.  Hope you enjoyed gathering those beads for rep.

One good thing about the Beta – I know which quests to avoid like the plague when it goes live.  I’ll give you a hint – Ogres and vehicle quests.

So far the only thing that’s got me interested in Nagrand are some new Battle Pets!

I can’t even catch them because when I copied my character over, only a few of my Blizzcon pets came with me – all at level 1.

I can’t do the Garrison Battle Pet stuff either.  I actually had to go to Stormwind and “learn” Pet Battles from the Trainer.  I don’t think I want to level up another stable of pets to 25 so I can battle pets in Draenor but geez, that would have been fun!

Blizzard will most likely wipe the Beta again at some point so I’ll try to copy them over with me when that happens.

I also came across something quite unusual.  There was a “side” quest to help a little Draenei kid and there was something completely new – Peachicks!

While you do the quest one follows you around, and even when you turn in the quest it will follow you for a few minutes before disappearing.

OMFG Blizzard PLEASE give us these for Battle Pets!  Do at least this and I just might forgive you for messing up another Alliance Hero, excessive cut scenes and stupid vehicle quests!

Peachick! So cute!

Peachick! So cute!

You might also notice I’ve finally replaced just about all my MoP gear with WoD quest items.

I’m not sure about the new secondary stats – what they mean or what they do -or heck even if they are any use to me or not so I’m just equipping stuff that looks like an upgrade.

But yeech.  Look at that dress.  Yeah, it’s pretty ugly.  Looks like something Aggra would design for Haute Orc Couture.