After many, many failed attempts at beating Anub’Rekhan in the new Naxx for Hearthstone, I finally got him.

Take that, Anub'Rekhan!

Take that, Anub’Rekhan!

No, this isn’t Heroic – I couldn’t beat him on Normal.

Yes, I’m terrible at this game.

I had to look up decks and strategies since none of the decks I put together would last more than 2 seconds.

The downside to looking up decks is that they use a lot of cards I don’t have, so they really aren’t much use.

I don’t have a big enough collection to disenchant cards (I suppose I could but I don’t know what cards to disenchant.)  I have a few Rares, Epics and a Legendary or two but I haven’t seen the cards I have used in any decks so…

I tried one of the suggested Warlock “Zoo” decks and got stomped into the ground several times.

I finally tried the Basic Mage Deck at Icy Veins and that won it for me – first try.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work too well against the Widow so back to the drawing board.

The deck did win me a couple of Casual and Ranked games though, so it seems to be a really good deck.

Now, if only I could win enough gold to buy some cards…

WoD Beta – Keep on Truck’n

I managed to get further along in the Beta after the last wipe.  I got hit with the Garrison bug that doesn’t let you upgrade your Garrison but I was able to send some of my followers on Missions.

I even got a couple of Rare Missions.  I honestly don’t pay much attention to the Garrison although it’s more mildly interesting than I thought it would be for me.

Rare Mission

Rare Mission

Don’t get me wrong – it’s okay and might even be useful once you reach level cap.  I was just afraid it would turn into a Sims micro-management nightmare.  I haven’t hit the “Invasion” stuff yet and frankly I’m NOT looking forward to it because there is plenty of other stuff in the game I’d rather do.

If my Garrison gets destroyed by Invaders I’m not too sure I’d care enough…

I hope they do allow you to get the completed mission rewards without having to go all the way back to your Garrison to get them – that’s the biggest downside at the moment.

Other than that, the questing/leveling seems to be humming along at a decent pace.  I managed to reach level 97 and that’s when the game really got interesting for me.

Level 97

Level 97

I’m finally getting quest rewards that are starting to rival my Normal/Heroic gear.  I’ve even managed to get a few of the random “Rare” and “Epic” versions of the quest rewards.

Epic version of a quest reward

Epic version of a quest reward

I actually like this pace better than the other expansions.  It’s nice to be able to use your hard-earned gear for a while before quest rewards start getting better than immediately replacing all your stuff with green items.

I might be falling behind on the leveling zones but that’s okay.

I’m taking my time trying to find all the quests, do some exploring and of course submit many, many bug reports.

All the zones look really beautiful – I especially enjoyed Talador and wherever the “mushrooms” are – the early Zangarmarsh.

But I think my jaw hit the floor when I got into the Spires of Arak and met the Bird people.

I loved everything about it – the scenery, the atmosphere, my new Bird friends and heck – even the story was interesting enough to read all the quest text.

Best of all, you get a Garrison-type outpost by the water – Southport.  I never paid much attention to the other one established with the Mage/Tower, but hell – this is the place I would call “home.”

When you first ride in, this is the greeting you get:



I mean really – who could resist calling this their favorite place?

The building are charming and don’t look like some Military thing, there’s a little “Eggbert” running around, and there are flowers planted everywhere.

Southport Inn

Southport Inn

Heck it even has a dog house!

Dog house for my Farm Dog? Wish he was coming with me!

Dog house for my Farm Dog? Wish he was coming with me!

The only “downside” to the whole Garrison outpost thing is that you have other players around.

Make this instanced just for me – like the ranch – and I’ll set my Hearthstone here forever.

At this point in the Beta it’s the first thing that’s really got me excited about WoD – a lovely Garrison outpost, beautiful scenery, interesting quests and my new Bird friends.

Please don’t mess this up Blizzard…

Of course, it’s still Beta with plenty of bugs, disconnects, wipes and all the usual stuff.

Delete Me Box

Delete Me Box

I’ve seen quite a few “Delete Me” boxes – a new faction perhaps?  Or an Evil Enemy?

They always make me laugh.