Well, I actually got the token for the last piece of tier gear I needed for the “complete” outfit – Regalia of the Horned Nightmare.

Regalia of the Horned Nightmare

Regalia of the Horned Nightmare

I’ve been playing this game since 2009 and it’s the very first tier set I’ve got while it was current content.

Okay so the helm and mantle are LFR crap but what the heck? It sort of matches!

I even managed to get a warforged necklance and ring.

Not to mention my “raid” achievement.

Unfortunately, the RL announced he was making some cuts, and considering the raid is full of Warlocks better than yours truly, I wonder who that will be?

If there is any doubt as to how bad I am, they posted logs.


Oh well.

I’ve been asked to do some CGI for a short film, so it will give me something to do while waiting for LFR queues…