Yes, another week of not getting the Immersus trinket and wasting another Warseal for gold.

*bangs head on keyboard*

In fact, I got absolutely nothing but gold for every boss in the Vale so I didn’t bother running any more LFRs.

I know Blizzard uses the “casino” model because “getting a rare drop is exciting” as the devs said at 2013 Blizzcon.

Maybe that’s true – I hate gambling so I wouldn’t know.

But at least with gambling, the casinos don’t make you jump through a hoop, recite a poem and do the Bird Dance *before* you put a coin in the machine.

You go in, sit down, put your coin in and push a button.

That’s it.  You win or most likely, lose.

No Bird Dance first like we have to do in SoO.

Siege of Orgrimmar Raid with Strats

Maybe Blizzard should have taken more notes.

On the bright side, after banging my head on the keyboard for a while, I ran the weekly Celestial/Ordos Bird Dance and got Leggings of the Horned Nightmare – ilvl 557 (after one upgrade) to compliment my Raid Finder version of the Helm and Mantle.

One button push away from the 4-piece bonus.  Yes, more Bird Dances.

After dancing for Ordos, I got the Warforged Penate’s Perilous Pendant with a nice ilvl of 559.

One Step Closer to Nemesis

I finally got the belt after a guildy and I ran BWL for our Weekly Old Raid Runs of Disappointment.

No gloves yet, but I found an old pair of gloves from a quest reward that doesn’t “cover” the Nemesis Robe sleeves, so I transmogged it all anyway because I love it so much.

Nemesis - everything but gloves!

Nemesis – everything but gloves!

Horns and skulls! Hell Yes!