I suppose I should use the “correct” British spelling of Jewellry, but whatever…

After more disappointing Looking for Loot runs earlier last week, I ran Gates and Underhold on Sunday just to finish things up.

I was rather shocked to get 2 pieces I haven’t picked up a thousand times before – a new necklace Ashfire Pendant and a Trinket!

Not THE Trinket that’s supposed to be BiS even for LFR gear.  You know, the Warlock-y goodness Immersus trinket that I suspect doesn’t even exist.  My preeeccciiiooouussss Purified Bindings of Immersus.

No, I got the CRAPPY trinket Frenzied Crystal of Rage.


At least it’s 528 and is better than my 496 Timeless Isle trinket.  At least that’s my theory.

We all know where this is going.  It’s the end of Cata all over again.

I was disappointed over and over again for MONTHS waiting for Ultraxion to hand over Ledger of Revolting Rituals.

My Shadow Priest already had Rathrak, the Poisoned Mind – the Normal version, not the LFR version – but I couldn’t use it because I didn’t have an off-hand.

I couldn’t even get the LFR version of the Ledger.

Sure, I eventually got the Ledger – exactly one week before MoP went live and made it all obsolete.


I keep them both in my bank anyway because…you know.

Oh well.

Tuesday I get to try all over again.

Transmogs – Got to Have Them All!

Yes, I’m still obsessing over my Warlock’s transmogs.

She’s still wearing the Green Fire DMF Warlock Circus Clown outfit because she still missing a few pieces here and there for the Tier sets.

I had picked up a few tokens running some old raids the past few weeks and decided I should turn them in.

Some of them look pretty good!  I guess I don’t hate all the old Tier sets, just the ones from Snake-In-The-Face and up.

Here are a few I’m working on in no particular order:

Tier 6 – Malefic Raiment

Tier 6 - Malefic Raiment

Tier 6 – Malefic Raiment

Yeah, I really don’t care for this set but the helm has a wings proc so I have to get it.  I think I have the shoulders, gloves and boots.

Bat-On-A-Stick is a no-brainer for this set.

I much prefer the PvP “blue” version but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to grind out enough Honor to buy it.


Tier 5/Season 2 – Corruptor Raiment

Tier 5 - Corruptor Raiment

Tier 5 – Corruptor Raiment

I have the staff – Abracadaver – so I think it looks pretty good with this set.

For some reason when I turned in tokens I got the Season 2 PvP gear instead of the PvE items but the color differences are minimal so I’ll just mix them up.

I love the look of this set but I’ll probably turn off “Show Helm” for this one…

Tier 2.5 – Doomcaller’s Attire

Tier 2.5 - Doomcaller's Attire

Tier 2.5 – Doomcaller’s Attire

I have it all but the gloves and staff.  I looked at a few different staves that might go with this, but then decided the Blessed Qiraji Acolyte Staff looked the best model-wise even if the colors don’t perfectly match.

Gloves drop from C’thun so…might be a while.

I really love this set so I think I’ll be kicking around Azeroth for while in it if those gloves ever drop.

Tier 1 – Felheart Raiment

Tier 1 - Felheart Raiment

Tier 1 – Felheart Raiment

I think I might actually have all the pieces for this.  If I don’t, then I’m missing the usual “random drop from trash” belt that is the bane of every transmog hunter’s existence.

The Staff is Jinyu Divining Rod – a quest reward.  I don’t think I’ve done the quest yet, but if I have I hope I was smart enough to pick this as a reward and even smarter enough to keep it.

If not, there is always Bat-On-A Stick!

I’m going to have to “spreadsheet” this all out to keep track of what I have, what I need, who drops it and where it drops.

The hardest part though, is going to be cleaning out my bank and Void Storage to make room for all these new sets.