Well, it was LFR Guild night Tuesday and since a few people wanted to run Terrace I decided it was a good time to take my freshly-minted Disc Priest out for a spin.

It started out really well.

Pre-trash and Protectors went fine.

I had my Vuhdo set up and made some mouseover macros for most of my healing spells.  I even got to use Mass Dispel a couple of times.

I was actually giggling to myself about how I had been stressed out about healing LFR for nothing.

It was easy-peasy.

Tsulong up and the first phase started out okay although I got feared a couple of times standing in bad because I was too busy chasing the tanks.

Then all hell broke loose.

I forgot you’re supposed to heal Tsulong during the day phase.

Both tanks went down.

Half the raid was dying.

I forgot my spells like Pain Suppression, Inner Focus, Barrier and heck, even Void Shift.

I panicked and just started mashing buttons until we wiped.

It was horrible.

Lei Shi and Sha of Fear went better because I noticed out of 6 healers I was bottom of the list, so luckily there were a few decent healers to pick up my slack.

On the bright side, I had 38 Dispels and the next highest was 5 so I think I got the Dispel thing down.

Terrace of Healing Nightmares

Terrace of Healing Nightmares

I didn’t even get the weapon I needed.

Back to Shadow spec.

Speaking of gear, I ran my Warlock through a quick LFR to see if I would get that (*$&#$(*$& trinket from Immersus.

I didn’t get the trinket, but I did get *another* Hood of Swirling Senses.

That’s right folks – the same flipping helm for the FIFTH time.

Bonus Roll?  I got the Cloak of Misguided Power.  I guess it really is a “bonus” because so far, I’ve only had two of those drop.

Could have been worse, I suppose.  I might have picked up my 4th drop of Bolt-Buster Grips.

Yeah, I really need to take this “luck” to Las Vegas…

Oh, I just saw this is my 500th post so cookies for everyone!