There’s a New Priest in Town!

Level 90!

Level 90!

Yup, that makes 12 Level 90s…doing nothing!

Except this little Panda Priest is (almost) all tricked out in TI healer gear with the cutest little transmog you’ll ever see!

She’s still rocking a GREEN trinket and a 450 weapon so she’s not getting into SoO LFR yet.

But that won’t stop her – she’s got her Vuhdo grid set up!  She’s got some stuff on TellMeWhen set up!

And she’s healed two – count them, TWO – world boss raids – Oondasta and Nalak!

Disclaimer:  Okay, okay!  I admit she was out-healed by a guild Shadow Priest on Oondasta, but on Nalak she beat him by 1k!

So…Be Afraid, LFR!  Be very, very Afraid!  Think you’ve got plenty to whine and complain about now?  You think that DPS missing a gem was wiping the raid?  You think “boosted noobs” are killing LFR?

You ain’t seen nothing yet…

She’s ready to go and she’s IN YOUR QUEUE!

Hope you maxed out that First Aid!

Battleground Hero

Now that my baby Priest is all grown up, I took my little level 12 Panda Warrior through a few battlegrounds.

I was hoping to get to level 15 and start the dungeon circuit, or a least level past the Questing Hell also known as Westfall, but unfortunately, battlegrounds don’t seem to give very much experience.

Maybe because we were losing most of them?

I don’t know – all I know is that I was getting tired of losing so the next Warsong Gulch I got, I ran her bouncy little panda butt straight through the Horde, Shield Slamming them into oblivion, grabbed the flag and capped it before the Horde knew what hit them.

Battleground Hero!

Battleground Hero!

Then I went out and did it all over again.

Another player got the last flag before I got there, but what the heck – we won one!

Level 10 BGs are Serious Business

Level 10 BGs are Serious Business

I still have a few levels to go, so queue up Horde!  If you dare!