As many of you might have guessed by now, I like transmogs that are a little off the usual path.

I like my casters to wear pants instead of dresses (okay, okay – ROBES) and I prefer a snappy “Indiana Jones” type headgear instead of butt-ugly helms.

Don’t even get me started on the Wrestling Belts…

Some of the tier sets are awesome and I want to collect a few, but I see those as more “formal” wear.  You know, something you would wear for a group screen shot when you finally got that nasty boss down.

Since none of my characters are doing much besides LFR, I think a more “casual” look is better for kicking around the shrine, farming old raids and *ragequitting* LFR.

This can be quite challenging as I have ZERO fashion sense so comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks to some helpful suggestions from Geckko, I found some pants that don’t make me look FAT (well, not as fat as red pants.)

I still need to find a belt, maybe better gloves and a weapon but I did find the perfect HAT.

You know how I love my hats!

The only proper blue cloth hat is the Arcane Cover that drops from random mobs in Blackrock Spire.

There wasn’t one on the AH, so I went to Blackrock and killed just about everything I could find until one finally dropped.

Yeah you need the hat!

Yeah you need the hat!

So here’s what we got so far:

Arcane Cover
Warpwood Leaf Mantle
Sage’s Cloak
Mystic’s Wrap
Orange Mageweave Shirt
Sorcerer Gloves
Belt of Unsolvable Problems
Abjurer’s Pants
Mystic’s Slippers

She’s still rocking the BoA weapon but it’s orange so what the heck.

Yeah, it’s not perfect and doesn’t quite reach the standard of my Monk’s transmog, but I’m happy for now.

I did a couple of pet battles hoping they would kick me over into level 89 but it didn’t happen so back to questing I guess.

I also slacked off on running LFR with my Warlock because our guild *might* be trying to pull together a little Flex raid if we can find enough people.

So far we’ve got 6 signed up – all dps.  Of course this could be a very good excuse to bring my poor neglected, unemployed Blood DK out of retirement…