I didn’t have a job for my Warlock this long weekend (stat holiday) except for running a couple of LFRs I missed (yeah, didn’t do them anyway) so I worked on leveling my “project” Priest.

The guild needs 3 more Pandas (rogue, warrior and priest) at level 90 for the “Classy” Achievement so of course I jumped on the Priest class.

No “boosted noob” here – I leveled this baby up from 1 – healing dungeons – all the up to 85 before I hit the wall.

I didn’t feel ready to heal Panda dungeons (everybody dies!) so I switched to questing.

I could have probably slowly slugged my way through Panda Land leveling as Disc but I folded like a house of cards and switched to Shadow.

It’s still painful.

I got all the up to level 88.5, hit Townlong Steppes and just couldn’t do it any more.  Dungeon queues for dps were averaging about 30 minutes, so I was just running around the Shrine in circles like a stupid waiting for a queue to pop.

Then I remembered my adorable, cute little baby Panda Priest is going to need a transmog!

Aurora Regalia

I had already picked out and collected the pieces for the Aurora set because I really believed she’d be my “Healing Priest” and required a suitable outfit.

Aurora Set

Aurora Set

I really like the Staff of Divine Infusion with this set but it’s a world drop so I probably won’t find it.  I kept my Runed Silver Staff so that would work just as well.

I can probably find better gloves than the set gloves because they look really grey.

Until she actually starts healing again, I thought a more suitable outfit would be fun and a good excuse to use some of the 5,000 quest rewards I’ve saved since level 1 eating up all her bank and void storage space.

Mystic’s Regalia

I picked up the Mystic’s Wrap somewhere, and thought the set might be fun with the rather unique Warpwood Leaf Mantle I’d save from a dungeon quest reward.

The Warpwood mantle has a red/orange/gold thing going on, so I tried an Orange Mageweave Shirt with it:

Mystic set with Warpwood Leaf Mantle

Mystic set with Warpwood Leaf Mantle

Haven’t found the belt yet, but I was looking for something with blue/red or orange in it to sort of tie it all together.

I’m not too crazy about the pants so I decided to make a “bold” statement and go with Buccaneer’s Pants.

Do these pants make me look FAT???

Do these pants make me look FAT???

Yeah…maybe not.

Leggings of the Night Sky don’t look too bad but that’s 28 days of my Tailor making Celestial Cloth.

Still not working

Still not working

Or maybe I’ll just start over with something completely different since it’s going to be a while before she actually hits level 90.