I ran (well, flew) to Naxx first thing to try for the Sulfur Stave and got it!

I also had the pet drop for an extra bonus, but I was more excited about the staff.

It doesn’t match my current transmog so I tried it with the Felheart Rainment although I’m still missing the belt (*rage*)

I did a quick run through MC and although the belt eluded me again, I did get the Felheart Slippers, the “official” Felheart Horns and the Ashstone Core and Corefire Imp pets so I’m happy.



Definitely a “Warlocky” look especially for those formal occasions of burning the world to the ground.

I had read in WoW Head comments somewhere about how a Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari was a good match for a few sets so off I went to do the quest and pick up the purple and green versions.

The purple fits quite well with my DMF Warlock Circus Clown Green Fire outfit.

Purple Trophy Tabard and in case anyone forgot, Green Fire!

Purple Trophy Tabard and in case anyone forgot, Green Fire!

Tuesday it’s back to the LFR grind for runestones so I’m hoping the usual Gnome Sacrifice to the RNG gods will give me the last 3 I need so I will be done with them.

It’s also reset day, so I can plan to run all those old raids I need for more transmog stuff.

I might also try Open Raid to see if I can find a Flex Raid for the Garrosh kill I need to finish that up and/or drag my Warlock through SoO Flex to get some decent gear.