Find another Transmog for my Warlock, of course!

The time between running LFR for Titan Runestones is usually Thursday to Monday, so after the the initial flurry of activity Tuesday and Wednesday well…not much is going on.

I still need 3 runestones.

With any luck I’ll get my two off the “guaranteed” bosses and the extra one will drop.

Or if I’m unlucky I’ll get the “guaranteed” two and nothing else at all so I’ll have to wait until next week for the last one.

Other than that, the Guild Friday Night Old Raid Runs have been pretty popular and a heck of a lot of fun.

Last Friday we ran the Ruins and Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.

I picked up the quests for my Warlock and discovered….

Doomcaller’s Attire

Yes, I NEED another Transmog!

Yes, I NEED another Transmog!  Don’t judge me!

I look like the Queen of Ahn’Qiraj (no, it doesn’t match Green Fire but I can live with it!)

It doesn’t have a matching belt and the gloves are a drop, so I looked over every suggestion on WoW Head and decided I like the Deathsilk Belt and Runecloth Gloves.

Bonus points:  my Tailor can make the gloves and belt in case the gloves never drop…you know how it is.

The only staff that I want is the Sulfur Stave because UNDEAD BAT ON A STICK!

It moves!

It moves!

How the hell didn’t I know about this??

So…back to Naxx to farm for the staff.  At least it only drops in 10 so I might be able to solo it.

I didn’t get nearly all the “stuff” I needed for the Doomcaller’s Attire quests, so this is something to add to my “down” time between LFR runs.

I’m still riding that Green Fire high so I’m looking for *any* excuse to play my Warlock!

The “word on the street” about Proving Grounds is that the Silver Achievement now won’t matter in WoD since they are re-doing it so no point in trying for the Gold.

Anyway, I think beating Kanrethad for Green Fire trumps Gold Proving Grounds and anything else they might come up with for WoD!

So that leaves me with working on another transmog and farming for gear goodies.

Unfortunately, with the weekly lockouts I still have a lot of time with nothing to do, so I decided to work on the Legendary cloak for my cute little Panda Monk.

She has only 1 Sigil of Wisdom, 1 Sigil of Power, and she hasn’t even done the starter quest for Isle of Thunder so she’ll keep me busy working on that between my Warlock time.

I’d still rather play my Warlock…