Thanks to everyone who voted on my transmog helm options, and the majority picked the Horns of Justified Sins so that will be my transmog for a while since I think it’s a good choice.

I tried some different hairstyles with it and this doesn’t look too bad:

New Hairstyle for the Horns

New Hairstyle for the Horns

I might go back to the old hairstyle since it looked pretty good as well with the horns.

All I need is the Cloak to drop from Naxx but I’m actually liking the Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire a lot so if it doesn’t drop I’m not going to panic since the whole transmog thing feels “done” now.

Next up – a suitable flying mount to go with my Green Fire outfit.

Ground mount is a no-brainer – what else but the Dreadsteed with Green Fire goodness?

Of course the only flying mount that is really best for Green Fire is the Feldrake, but since I don’t have it (hahaha) I’m limited to what I do have in my mounts journal so…

The perfectly matching flying mount for the Warlock Circus Clown Outfit is the Green Proto-Drake – lots of greens and purples!

Green Proto-Drake

Green Proto-Drake

I like the proto-drake models a lot – they are not at “screen-filling huge” as the regular drakes so this is a good excuse to use one.

For a more “Burning Crusade Style Green Fire” option (after all, we have to go to Outland and the Black Temple to get Green Fire) I thought a Netherwing Drake would be fun.

I tried the Veridian Netherwing Drake first but well…it was a little too green.  The “purple” Violet Netherwing Drake looked much better.

Violet Netherwing Drake

Violet Netherwing Drake

Yeah, I know…I’m obsessing about my Warlock way too much…more than most of my characters.

I even started writing up a little RP story about how she got horns on her head (engineering “accident” haha) until I had to stop myself because I can’t write fiction – at all.

I can’t help it – Warlocks are fun to play – sort of like my Spriest with more BOOM – she’s got a smokin’ crazy transmog, and she’s got Green Fire.  What’s not to love?

I guess it’s mostly because of Green Fire.

I’m the first to admit I’m not the best WoW player at any class I’ve tried.  I think it’s safe to say I’m a “below average” player when it comes to dps.

The Green Fire fight was the the toughest solo thing I’ve ever done in this game, and I beat it.

Me.  A horrible, bad player.

No way I’m going to park my little Warlock by the bank and turn her into an AH runner.

No way.

I’m thinking she’s going to be my new main in WoD right up along with my Spriest.

Now, if only I could find her a Flex raid to get some gear…