I thought this would be a piece of cake after Kanrethad, but I couldn’t make it past the 3rd wave because stupid banana throwers.

Couldn’t kill them fast enough.

So…it looks like I’ve found something to bang my head on the keyboard about until WoD.

I really have to work on getting my dps up.

I set up a World of Logs account so I can see what I’m doing wrong so that should be interesting.

I’ve still got the last two LFR SoO to run after finishing up the Titan Runestone Runs for the week so I’ll try logging those to see how it works.

Total Runestones I have now is 5/12 so it will be a while yet.

DMF Warlock Circus Clown Adjustments

I kicked around a bit with guildies running dungeons and old raids for the transmog items I need for the Darkmoon Faire Warlock Circus Clown outfit and…nothing.

Other than the staff, I looked up the cloak a guidie told me about – Drape of Surgery – that will look pretty good with my Clown outfit.  It actually has two chances to drop – one from Patchwerk AND Gluth although Gluth is a much lower drop rate.

Drape of Surgery

Drape of Surgery

Of course neither of them dropped it…maybe next week!

I also found much better shoulders on the AH – Councillor’s Shoulders so here is the “updated” Darkmoon Faire Warlock Circus Clown outfit.

Updated DMF Outfit

Updated DMF Outfit

Yeah, I know the cloak isn’t perfect but it’s far less ummm….”busy” than the DMF cloak.  I really love the DMF cloak so if anyone has transmog ideas for it I’d love to see them!

Hehe…the more I look at this the more I like it!

Swift Zulian Panther Mount

A guildie mentioned that he’s been running ZG and other dungeons for mounts to get up to 200 for the Achievement for the last few weeks.

I had forgotten about ZG but I try for the Onyxia and Kharazan mounts once a week – just in case.

Since I’ve got H Sethekk Halls on my list until the staff drops, I thought I’d give ZG a try.

And it dropped…first time.

There's where all my luck was going

There’s where all my luck was going

I tried Bloodlord Mandokir but no raptor mount – not that I thought for a second I’d get that lucky!

Swift Zulian Panther

Swift Zulian Panther

Looks pretty good with my Circus set!

Just don’t tell my guildie I got the mount first try…I wouldn’t want him to cry.