Yup, still failing this miserably.

But I started using Drums of Forgotten Kings on every attempt last night just for giggles, so I actually have a count of how many attempts I made.

Drums of Forgotten Kings has 50 charges and when I *ragequit* for the night I had 16 charges left so that’s a whopping 34 attempts.

Ha!  All those people crying because it took them 20 or less *total* attempts got nothing on me!  I’ve failed 34 times in just one night!

I want – no, DEMAND – Blizzard give me an Achievement AND a Title:

“Cococat, Worst Warlock in Azeroth”

when I hit 1000 failed attempts.

I am making some progress though.  I can get past the first Imp stage about 60% of the time.

I made a lot of mistakes for that one I hope I’ve cleaned up now – I wasn’t charging Kanrethad when he finished his Imp Summon, using Breathe on the Imps and then F&B.  I’d usually miss one or more of those or I wasn’t fast enough.  When I do this right, all the Imps die except maybe one or two I can burn down.

I’m still messing up a lot at the Fel Hounds Phase.  I don’t move the Pit Lord away fast enough and/or don’t get into the right position fast enough and/or don’t get all doggies down fast enough before I lose the Enslave.

One time I made it past the Imps, killed the doggies and got to the Doomlord stage.  I was so close I could taste it (not really as Kanrethad was about 50%), but then I derped out, made a mistake or did something else stupid and died – without using a Soulstone on myself before the encounter.

I think I’ve identified a major problem I’m having – I hit the wrong keys and I don’t know how to fix it.

I have too many keybinds I need and I shuffled stuff around but I have a big problem with anything that requires me to use Shift and Alt (forget Control – can’t reach it accurately at all.)

I’ve actually got Shift and Alt mapped to my Naga mouse, so 5 is Shift and 4 is Alt.  I don’t use any other of the side mouse buttons because I don’t hit those accurately either.

More than a few times though, I’ll hit a particular combination of Shift or Alt and something else, and it will kick me out of WoW and lock my screen.  I have no idea what key combination this is and I can’t seem to find out what it could be from the computer manufacturer or if it’s a Windows thing.

It drives me nuts as it always seems to do this when I’m having a good attempt – of course.

Call me crazy, (haha Crazy Cat Lady) but I haven’t given up on this yet.

I need to work on getting my dps up as I’m only doing between 76k -82k.  I know it’s a skill test and not a dps test but the faster I get that *$&#(#8 down the better.

Oh and for the love of Elune does anyone know how to set up TellMeWhen to track Immolate?  I got everything else set up but this doesn’t work (or show up) at all no matter what Spell Id I use and it’s driving me crazy.