I totally forgot Diable III: RoS went live last night.

I was trying to get the last LFRs I needed before the reset (got a couple and a few gear upgrades – yipee!) and remembered at the last minute.

No Loot in this one

No Loot in this one

So I fired it up anyway because I *had* to try out the new Crusader, get my little skeleton doggie pet, my floaty wings, whatever other goodies were waiting and play a bit.

Crusader is awesome – LoLShieldSlam.

My highest character is a Wizard just into level 59 (yeah, I missed most of the “bonus” experience before RoS went live) and I left her stuck in the desert area because well…I hate that part.

I don’t even know about what the Paragon thing is, I know the AH and RMAH are gone, and I think my Wizard picked up a Legendary weapon that looks like a wooden club.  Something a Barbarian would probably like more than a Wizard but whatever.

I do remember playing my Wizard a bit last week and thinking how tough the mobs were until I remembered you can set difficulty so I thought great!  I’ll set it down a level and found out I was at the easiest setting.

I sort of like Diablo 3 – I probably won’t go crazy about it like I do with WoW, but it’s okay for kicking around a bit after /ragequitting WoW about something or better yet, /ragequitting Hearthstone about everything.

Yeah…Hearthstone.  I should just uninstall that game.  Probably keep my stress level down…

Disturbing News

I was reading up on Warlocks at WoW Insider, and found out from the comments that the Warlock column has been cancelled – due to lack of funds?


Come on people – get with program!  Everyone and his dog is rolling/boosting a Warlock – at least 1/3 of all my LFR dps are Warlocks – and you’re cancelling the column??

With all the changes coming in WoD I need this for crying out loud.  Hell, I’m only rocking about 60k in LFR – fully buffed – I need some expert advice!

No loot here either

No loot here either

/angrily punts Gnomes

Green Fire Quest

Okay, I’ve been too chicken to try this yet but I have been watching some vids/reading up strats about it for 5.4.

Then I found this – Green Fire Quest on a boosted level 90 Warlock with the green gear you get.

I was feeling like a complete failure after watching this until I realized Sparkuggz is the one of the top – or the top – Warlock in the world.

Of course he can do it in boosted starter greens.   Doesn’t help me much but it’s fun to watch.

Yeah, I think I’ve got some Warlock work to do…