Boosted Noob Support Group

Hi.  My name is Cococat and I’m a Boosted Noob.

I strike fear into the hearts of LFR players.

I feed on their tears, laugh at their meters and offer cheese to go with their whine.

I am unstoppable because I am on the Legendary quest to get the Magic Cloak for my Boosted Noob Warlock.

So to all of those who will be in my LFRs while I’m on the Legendary Quests – I’m Your Worst Nightmare.

Boosted Noob Legendary Cloak – Alliance: How to Get Started

I only want the cloak for one reason – to help me get Green Fire.  As a Boosted Noob, I will need every advantage I can get.

Whether you boosted from level 1, level 60 or anywhere in-between, it might not be clear how to get all the zones/quest lines open you will need for the Legendary quest chain, so I’m writing this down so I don’t forget for my next Boosted Noob (just in case $60.00 magically falls from the sky…you never know.)

You get dumped at the Shrine when you are boosted so make sure you pick up all the starter quests you will need:

1.  “Stranger in a Strange Land” from Brewmaster Tsu.  He’s behind the Innkeeper at the Shrine across from the Dwarf dancing on the bar stool.

This is the Black Prince starter quest – turn it in a be prepared to run LFR a lot…

2.  “Meet the Scout” and “Thunder Calls” both from Lyalia.  She’s a Night Elf at just outside the Shrine at the ground level.

“Meet the Scout” will get you started on the Operation: Shieldwall quests.  You don’t need to do the dailies unless you want to, but you will need to do all the quests up to “Lion’s Landing.”

“Thunder Calls” will get you started in Isle of Thunder.  Be prepared to hang around there a lot.  You will have to do the Scenarios to progress in the quest chain so get those out of the way first.

I did the dailies just to run around and kill stuff to get Black Prince rep.  You can get rep killing Horde at Operation: Shieldwall, but the rep is lower so I didn’t bother.

If you want to farm Black Prince rep at Isle of Thunder, go to 49,65 where the Shado Pan are killing Animated Warriors, plop down a Guild Battle Standard of Coordination, and have fun.

Here we go again

Here we go again

3.  Sigils of Power and Sigils of Wisdom

If you’ve got Timeless Isle gear, start queuing for LFR.  I started at Zandalari because that’s what was open when I was boosted, but I ended up running them all starting at the bottom with Vaults all the way up to SoO to get the Sigils.

4.  Valor

I have to wait for Tuesday restart to get going on this since I’m maxed out.  Track Valor for the quest with the Achievement “A Test of Valor.”  The quest won’t show how much you’ve got, the achievement will since you can spend it as you get it.

I had time to kill before I can start counting Valor for the quest, so I farmed mobs on Isle of Thunder and got my Black Prince rep to Exalted so that’s out of the way.

Rep farming spot

Rep farming spot

I got the Legendary Gem for the weapon, and I even had a Sha-Touched staff drop.

Yeah, they are both obsolete but what the heck – might as well use it for transmog 😀

Guess I’ll be waiting for a few weeks until I get the Valor, so I’ll pick it up from when I turn it in.