Okay, I know about 10 people read this (let’s face it – relatively boring) blog because I’m not a theorycrafter, I’m not an expert at anything in the game and I have nothing of value to share – except hopefully a few laughs.

What the heck – I’m not even in the usual “demographic” one would expect to see in any game, never mind an MMO.

So I had a bit of a laugh when I got this ping back:

And speaking of Dark Ages: I’m surprised everyday that people still play and enjoy WoW. Some misinformed Draenei is sill in Azeroth under the belief that things are still happening there! Misadventures indeed.

Ummm…someone is “surprised everyday (emphasis mine) people still play and enjoy WoW?

I think someone’s been living under a gaming rock…

I believe Blizzard could confirm that yes, people still play WoW.

Although I don’t have numbers on how many enjoy it, I can speak for myself and say it’s the most fun I’d had in any game for years.

Don’t worry – I’m not “misinformed” one bit.  I’m not blindly playing WoW  like a mindless robot for whatever reason.

I’m actually kinda smart because I’ve known me for a long time and I know what I enjoy in a game and what I don’t.

I’m also smart enough to know opinions are not facts and ultimately worthless.

If WoW wasn’t fun, if there was nothing happening in the game and I didn’t enjoy it, I’d be spending my entertainment money somewhere else.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Warlock – Taking Care of Business

Between /raging on Isle of Thunder and LFR, I’ve been working on a few other things to get my Warlock “caught up” in MoP.

I got exalted with the Tillers and I should get the last block of farm plots opened up today.

I still can't cook

I still can’t cook

I don’t think I’m going for the entire cooking thing since I have a couple of characters already at max.  Maybe I’ll just get the buff food level she’ll need.

I also finished up the Cloud Serpents rep because she needs to ride some of the fancy-pants serpent mounts I have gathering dust in my journal.

I tried the race and came in 2nd...boo

I tried the race and came in 2nd…boo

In between all this, I was queuing for every LFR I had left this week starting at the very bottom with Vaults to get Sigils of Wisdom and Power.

These early LFRs when surprisingly well

These early LFRs when surprisingly well

I was hitting the Sigil Jackpot.

I got 10/10 Power and 9/10 Wisdom.

Yeah, I forgot all the fights in this one

Yeah, I forgot all the fights in this one

I’ve got about 3 LFRs I can still run this week, so if my luck continues I’ll get the last Sigil and I can start the next RNG-fest part of the Legendary.

I know I’ve eventually got to get my Black Prince rep to Exalted so I’ve been doing a few Isle of Thunder dailies so the grind doesn’t seem as boring.

I had another chance to kill the Sunreaver and it dropped the pet so that made Isle of Thunder a little less horrible – for a whole minute.

Can't have too many pets

Can’t have too many pets

Yeah, I forgot to use the Sacrifce talent *again* before getting into LFR and I’m still having a few issues with using the right abilities in the optimal order.
I’m also not sure about RoF – spam it all the time? Only after I use something else?

Apparently I’m also confused about a few other things. I need to just print out Koala’s advice and keep it handy.